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Line number0232
Type21B F
EnginesRolls Royce RB211-535E4
Mode S7805B3
02/05/1989N6067Broll out.
25/05/1989N6067Bfirst flight.
28/08/1989B-2806del Civil Aviation Administration of China.
15/11/1990B-2806tfd to China Southern Airlines.
24/06/2001B-2806bt Pegasus Capital Corporation; opb China Southern Airlines on lease.
00/03/2009B-2806ret to lessor.
12/03/2009N401ANrgd to Pacific Aircorp 24401 LLC (c/o AWAS Aviation Services).
13/03/2009N401ANferried Guangzhou-Guam-Honolulu-Marana (arrived 15/03/2009).
26/06/2009N401ANat Marana in all white c/s; being washed down.
02/07/2009N401ANbt Wells Fargo Bank Northwest; ferried Marana-Jacksonville/VQQ; for conversion to freighter.
20/07/2009N401ANrgd to Wells Fargo Bank Northwest.
19/10/2009N401ANbt S.F. Airlines Company Ltd.
20/10/2009N401ANregistration cancelled.
20/10/2009B-2899S.F. Airlines; re-rgd.
23/10/2009B-2899at Osaka in all white c/s.
06/08/2010B-2899at Shanghai in full SF Airlines c/s.

Marcel van Noordenne

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