Line number0221
EnginesRolls Royce RB211-535E4
Mode S400428
05/03/1989G-BRJDroll out.
30/03/1989G-BRJDfirst flight.
13/04/1989G-BRJDdel Air Europe.
25/10/1989G-BRJDregistration cancelled.
25/10/1989EC-349sub-lt Air Europa.
08/01/1990EC-ESCAir Europa; re-rgd.
30/01/1990EC-ESCferried Palma-London/Gatwick as AEA006E; for maintenance.
17/10/1990EC-ESCferried Madrid-London/Gatwick.
19/10/1990G-BRJDret Air Europe.
08/03/1991G-BRJDlast service: Orlando-Bangor-London/Gatwick as AOE225.
08/03/1991G-BRJDAir Europe ceased operations due to bankruptcy of its parent International Leasure Group.
19/03/1991G-BRJDrepossessed by Japan Leasing (Europe) Ltd.; ferried London/Gatwick-Norwich; for storage.
30/04/1991G-BRJDarr Southend as AMM757M in basic Air Europe c/s.
07/05/1991G-OOOSlt Air 2000; r/o at Southend in basic Air 2000 c/s with registration G-OOOS taped over.
10/05/1991G-OOOSat London/Luton; "Air 2000" titles and tail logo being applied.
14/05/1991G-OOOSrgd to Air 2000 Ltd.
15/05/1991G-OOOSferried London/Luton-London/Gatwick.
05/02/1999G-OOOSbt Phoenix III Investments; opb Air 2000 on lease.
30/11/1999G-OOOSsub-lt Spanair; ferried Manchester-Palma as JKK1024.
00/12/1999G-OOOSret Air 2000.
05/02/2000G-OOOSat Salzburg in full Air 2000 c/s.
00/00/2003G-OOOSarr Norwich; for repaint in all white c/s.
00/00/2003G-OOOSret to lessor.
11/11/2003G-OOOSarr Bournemouth; for storage.
14/12/2003G-OOOSat Bournemouth in all white c/s; stored.
19/01/2004G-OOOSbt GOOOS Aircraft Leasing Ltd., Georgetown, Cayman Islands.
07/03/2004G-OOOSat Bournemouth in all white c/s; stored.
01/04/2004G-OOOSat Bournemouth in all white c/s; stored.
25/04/2004G-OOOSperformed a local test flight at Bournemouth.
29/04/2004G-OOOSregistration cancelled.
30/04/2004SX-BLWlt Greece Airways.
30/04/2004SX-BLWsub-lt Air Scotland (seen at Bournemouth as SX-BLW).
30/04/2004SX-BLWat Glasgow in full Air Scotland c/s with extra "www.greeceairways.com" titles on aft fuselage.
15/11/2005SX-BLWlast service: Alicante-Edinburgh-Glasgow as GRE2212; ret to lessor; ferried Glasgow-Shannon as GRE212T; for maintenance.
29/11/2005SX-BLWlt Greece Airways; ferried Shannon-Glasgow as GRE233T.
06/12/2005SX-BLWat Glasgow.
23/04/2006SX-BLWlast service: Malaga-Glasgow as GRE2712.
24/04/2006SX-BLWferried Glasgow-Lasham as GRE2100.
29/04/2006SX-BLWat Lasham; stored.
16/06/2006G-LSADbt & rgd to Dart Group Plc.
20/07/2006G-LSADat Lasham in full Greece Airways c/s.
26/07/2006G-LSADferried Lasham-Southend as EXS100E in full Greece Airways c/s; for repaint.
31/07/2006G-LSADr/o at Southend in white fuselage c/s with large "Jet2" titles, red tail and engine cowlings c/s, both with "Jet2.com" titles.
04/08/2006G-LSADferried Southend-Manchester as EXS101E.
14/03/2010G-LSADat Manchester with smaller "Jet2" titles on fuselage (applied after 22/02/2010).
19/03/2011G-LSADat Manchester in Jet2 Holidays c/s with "Jet2 Holidays" titles on forward fuselage and "Package Holidays you can trust" titles on aft fuselage.
21/03/2020G-LSADlast service: Fuerteventura/FUE-Birmingham/BHX as EXS4218.
25/03/2020G-LSADferried Birmingham/BHX-Kemble/KBA as EXS031E; for part out and scrapping.
19/08/2021G-LSADat Kemble/KBA; missing both engines; for part out and scrapping.
18/03/2022G-LSADat Kemble/KBA; missing both engines and radome.

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