N655DLDelta Air Lines
Line number0265
EnginesPratt & Whitney PW2037
Mode SA89FA3
19/01/1990N655DLroll out.
12/02/1990N655DLfirst flight.
28/02/1990N655DLdel Delta Air Lines; '655'.
02/03/1990N655DLrgd to Delta Air Lines Inc.
04/05/2002N655DLat Hartford in 2000 Delta Air Lines c/s with "Delta" titles (repainted after 19/01/2002).
19/05/2005N655DLat New York/La Guardia in full Song c/s with "flysong.com" titles (repainted after 00/07/2004).
19/07/2006N655DLat San Jose in 2000 Delta Air Lines c/s with "Delta" titles (repainted after 09/04/2006).
03/07/2010N655DLat Los Angeles in 2007 Delta Air Lines c/s with "Delta" titles (repainted after 30/04/2010).
11/08/2015N655DLlast service: Mexico City-New York/JFK as DAL948 (arrived 12/08/2015).
12/08/2015N655DLferried New York/JFK-Marana as DAL9931 (TT: 87884 hours; 35880 cycles); for storage.
16/07/2016N655DLferried Marana-Jacksonville/VQQ as DAL9931; for reconfiguration and refurbishment for NBA charters.
06/10/2016N655DLferried Jacksonville/VQQ-Charlotte as DAL9979 after refurbishment and reconfiguration for NBA charters.
00/10/2016N655DLbt ?; opb Delta Air Lines on lease.
07/10/2016N655DLrgd to Bank of Utah.
08/10/2016N655DLin service: San Antonio-Minneapolis as DAL8918.
13/03/2020N655DLlast service: Philadelphia/PHL-Atlanta/ATL as DAL8844.
16/03/2020N655DLferried Atlanta/ATL-Birmingham/BHM as DAL9938; for parking because of COVID-19 pandemic.
02/07/2020N655DLferried Birmingham/BHM-Atlanta/ATL as DAL9966.
06/07/2020N655DLret to service: Atlanta/ATL-Denver/DEN as DAL8839.
24/08/2020N655DLlast service: Portland/PDX-Minneapolis/MSP as DAL8838.
16/10/2020N655DLferried Minneapolis/MSP-Birmingham/BHM as DAL9962; for parking.
20/12/2020N655DLferried Birmingham/BHM-Atlanta/ATL as DAL8840; after storage.

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