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Line number0225
Type236 F
EnginesRolls Royce RB211-535E4
Mode SAD52E0
24/03/1989G-BPEBroll out.
14/04/1989G-BPEBfirst flight.
27/04/1989G-BPEBdel British Airways.
27/04/1989G-BPEBlt Caledonian Airways; named "Loch Lomond".
28/04/1989G-BPEBarr London/Heathrow as BA9657E on ferry flight from Boeing Field.
05/05/1989G-BPEBfirst service: London/Gatwick-Malaga.
13/12/1990G-BPEBr/o at London/Gatwick in basic Caledonian Airways c/s with red "Nationair" titles; sub-lt Nationair Canada; in service: London/Gatwick-Toronto.
14/04/1991G-BPEBlast service: Montreal/Mirabel-Brussels.
15/04/1991G-BPEBret Caledonian Airways; ferried Brussels-London/Gatwick.
00/04/1991G-BPEB"Caledonian" titles applied on aircraft.
01/05/1991G-BPEBin service: London/Gatwick-Preveza.
19/11/1991G-BPEBlast service: Mombasa-Athens-London/Gatwick.
13/12/1991G-BPEBr/o at London/Gatwick with "Nationair" titles.
15/12/1991G-BPEBsub-lt Nationair Canada.
16/12/1991G-BPEBin service: Brussels-Montreal/Mirabel.
16/04/1992G-BPEBlast service: Toronto-London/Gatwick.
16/04/1992G-BPEBret Caledonian Airways.
20/04/1992G-BPEBin service: London/Gatwick-Athens-Mombasa.
30/10/1995G-BPEBlast service: Orlando-Manchester; ret to British Airways; to FLS for maintenance.
15/11/1995G-BPEBferried Manchester-London/Heathrow in full British Airways c/s.
29/03/1997G-BPEBtfd to British Airways EuroGatwick; ferried London/Heathrow-London/Gatwick.
30/03/1997G-BPEBin service: London/Gatwick-Manchester.
00/05/1997G-BPEBbt Babcock & Brown; opb British Airways on lease.
12/08/1999G-BPEBlast service: Stockholm/Arlanda-London/Heathrow as BA773.
00/08/1999G-BPEBrepainted in new British Airways c/s with "Union Flag" tail c/s.
17/08/1999G-BPEBin service: London/Heathrow-Glasgow as BA1488.
28/02/2001G-BPEBlast service: Frankfurt-London/Heathrow as BA913 (TT: 34564 hours; 13675 cycles).
09/03/2001G-BPEBferried London/Heathrow-Bangor as BA9256E.
10/03/2001G-BPEBferried Bangor-Tucson as BA9255E.
27/03/2001G-BPEBregistration cancelled.
29/03/2001N905PGrgd to PALS I Inc., San Francisco, CA.
12/05/2001N905PGat Tucson in basic British Airways c/s without titles and tail logo; still wearing registration G-BPEB; stored.
18/06/2001N955PGPALS I Inc.; re-rgd.
11/08/2001N955PGat Tucson in basic British Airways c/s without titles and tail logo; stored.
23/08/2001N955PGat Phoenix in basic British Airways c/s without titles and tail logo; stored.
04/09/2001N955PGat Phoenix in basic British Airways c/s without titles and tail logo; stored.
25/10/2001N955PGat Phoenix inside AMS hangar; still in basic British Airways c/s without titles and tail logo.
08/11/2001N955PGat Phoenix inside AMS hangar in full Cebu Pacific c/s with registration RP-C2715.
27/11/2001N955PGat Phoenix with registration RP-C2715.
10/12/2001N955PGregistration cancelled.
10/12/2001RP-C2715lt Cebu Pacific.
23/03/2006RP-C2715at Guangzhou; undergoing maintenance.
00/04/2006RP-C2715ret to lessor.
20/06/2006OM-ASBat Guangzhou in full Air Slovakia c/s; still undergoing maintenance.
12/07/2006RP-C2715ferried Guangzhou-Dubai-Bratislava under registration RP-C2715.
13/07/2006OM-ASBat Bratislava in full Air Slovakia c/s.
00/07/2006OM-ASBlt Air Slovakia.
15/07/2006OM-ASBfirst service: Bratislava-Dublin.
00/06/2007OM-ASBsub-lt Travel Service.
06/06/2007OM-ASBat Prague in basic Air Slovakia c/s with "Travel Service" titles.
00/07/2007OM-ASBret Air Slovakia.
28/07/2007OM-ASBat Barcelona in full Air Slovakia c/s.
00/00/2008OM-ASBstored at Istanbul (after 22/10/2008).
18/06/2009N579SHrgd to PALS I Inc./Skyholding Company, San Francisco, CA.
23/06/2009N579SHferried Istanbul-Keflavik-Miami in Air Slovakia c/s.
17/10/2009N579SHat Miami in Air Slovakia c/s; stored.
09/01/2010N579SHat Miami in Air Slovakia c/s; stored.
03/03/2010N579SHat Miami in fainted Air Slovakia c/s; missing both engines.
21/07/2010N579SHferried Miami-Marana; for onward storage.
25/02/2011N579SHferried Marana-Victorville; for Federal Express Corporation.
05/10/2011N579SHbt Federal Express Corporation.
07/10/2011N579SHat Victorville; stored.
27/10/2011N579SHrgd to Federal Express Corporation.
13/04/2012N579SHscheduled start of conversion to freighter at Mobile.
20/04/2012N958FDregistration reserved by Federal Express Corporation.
08/05/2012N958FDFederal Express Corporation; re-rgd.
24/10/2012N958FDconversion to freighter completed at Mobile.
28/10/2012N958FDferried Mobile-New Iberia as FDX9069; for repaint.
00/11/2012N958FDferried New Iberia-Memphis as FDX9036 in full FedEx c/s.
09/11/2012N958FDin service: Memphis-Greenville/Spartanburg as FDX1506.
01/12/2016N958FDat Los Angeles/LAX; named "Ryanne".
30/05/2024N958FDlast service: Knoxville/TYS-Memphis/MEM as FDX623.
31/05/2024N958FDferried Memphis/MEM-Victorville/VCV as FDX9030; for part out and scrapping.
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