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Line number0208
Type28A F
EnginesRolls Royce RB211-535E4
Mode SACA608
08/12/1988C-GAWBroll out.
03/01/1989C-GAWBfirst flight.
01/02/1989C-GAWBdel International Lease Finance Corporation.
01/02/1989C-GAWBlt Odyssey International.
27/04/1990C-GAWBat Toronto; parked.
20/05/1990C-GAWBat Phoenix in Odyssey International c/s; stored.
02/06/1990C-GAWBret International Lease Finance Corporation.
02/06/1990C-GAWBlt Nationair.
04/06/1990C-GAWBat Frankfurt in basic Odyssey International c/s with "Nationair" titles.
29/10/1990C-GNXINationair; re-rgd.
22/03/1993C-GNXINationair filed for bankruptcy and ceased operations 01/04/1993.
02/04/1993C-GNXIret International Lease Finance Corporation.
02/04/1993C-GTSKlt Air Transat.
26/04/1993C-GTSKat Toronto in basic Nationair c/s.
01/07/1993C-GTSKat London/Gatwick in white c/s.
31/10/1993C-GTSKret International Lease Finance Corporation.
00/11/1993N240LAInternational Lease Finance Corporation; re-rgd.
01/12/1993N240LAlt Leisure Air.
02/01/1994N240LAat Palm Beach.
01/01/1995N240LAret International Lease Finance Corporation.
08/03/1995N381LFInternational Lease Finance Corporation; re-rgd.
00/03/1995N381LFlease to Baikal Airlines - not taken up.
25/03/1995EI-CLMlt Transaero Airlines; ferried Dothan-Shannon-Moscow/Sheremetyevo as TSO8004.
12/12/1997N701LFrgd to MSA ?/Wilmington Trust Company; opb Transaero Airlines on lease.
21/10/1998N701LFret International Lease Finance Corporation; ferried Moscow/Sheremetyevo-Manchester as TSO9001.
15/12/1998N701LFregistration cancelled.
17/12/1998at Manchester; entered Monarch Airlines' hangar.
18/12/1998G-FCLGlt & rgd to Flying Colours Airlines Ltd; repainted as G-FCLG but still in Transaero Airlines c/s.
31/03/1999G-FCLGat Manchester in all white c/s.
03/04/1999G-FCLGin service: Manchester-Alicante.
12/04/1999G-FCLGferried Manchester-Norwich; for repaint.
16/04/1999G-FCLGferried Norwich-Manchester in full Flying Colours Airlines c/s.
00/00/2000G-FCLGrepainted in full JMC Airlines c/s.
00/02/2000G-FCLGat Faro in full JMC Airlines c/s.
27/03/2000G-FCLGoperational name change to JMC Airlines.
14/01/2003G-FCLGferried Manchester-Southend as JMC87M; for repaint.
23/01/2003G-FCLGferried Southend-London/Gatwick as JMC757M in full Thomas Cook Airlines c/s.
01/03/2003G-FCLGoperational name change to Thomas Cook Airlines.
03/04/2003G-FCLGrgd to Thomas Cook Airlines UK Ltd.
25/03/2004G-FCLGat Lanzarote with "" titles on left side.
29/09/2008N914FDregistration reserved by Federal Express Corporation.
31/10/2008G-FCLGlast service: Hurghada-London/Gatwick as TCX716L.
01/11/2008G-FCLGferried London/Gatwick-Abu Dhabi as TCX008M; for maintenance.
09/12/2008G-FCLGat Manchester in basic Thomas Cook Airlines c/s without titles and tail logo; wearing registration N914FD.
29/01/2009G-FCLGat Manchester in basic Thomas Cook Airlines c/s without titles and tail logo; missing right engine; wearing registration N914FD.
24/02/2009G-FCLGregistration cancelled.
24/02/2009N914FDbt & rgd to Federal Express Corporation.
27/02/2009N914FDferried Manchester-Bangor-Victorville as FDX9089 (arrived 28/02/2009).
00/00/2009N914FDferried Victorville-Mobile; for conversion to freighter.
16/04/2010N914FDconversion to freighter completed at Mobile.
00/04/2010N914FDferried Mobile-New Iberia; for repaint.
09/06/2010N914FDferried New Iberia-Memphis as FDX9005 in full FedEx c/s.
19/04/2012N914FDat Covington/Cincinnati; named "Bella".
Marcel van Noordenne

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