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Line number0219
Type23A F
EnginesRolls Royce RB211-535E4
Mode SAD03E2
17/02/1989G-OOOGroll out.
16/03/1989G-OOOGfirst flight.
29/03/1989G-OOOGdel Ansett Worldwide Aviation Services.
29/03/1989G-OOOGlt Air 2000.
04/12/1992G-OOOGregistration cancelled.
07/12/1992C-FOOGsub-lt Canada 3000 Airlines.
09/12/1992C-FOOGferried London/Luton-Toronto.
00/04/1993C-FOOGret Air 2000.
23/04/1993G-OOOGrgd to Air 2000 Ltd.
13/12/1993G-OOOGregistration cancelled.
13/12/1993C-FOOGsub-lt & rgd to Canada 3000 Airlines Ltd.; ferried London/Luton-Toronto.
18/04/1994C-FOOGferried Toronto-London/Luton.
19/04/1994C-FOOGret Air 2000; registration cancelled.
19/04/1994G-OOOGrgd to Air 2000 Ltd.
03/12/1994G-OOOGat London/Luton; wearing registration C-FOOG.
09/12/1994G-OOOGregistration cancelled.
09/12/1994C-FOOGsub-lt & rgd to Canada 3000 Airlines Ltd.; ferried London/Luton-Toronto.
13/04/1995C-FOOGferried Toronto-London/Luton.
18/04/1995C-FOOGret Air 2000; registration cancelled.
19/04/1995G-OOOGrgd to Air 2000 Ltd.
08/12/1995G-OOOGregistration cancelled.
08/12/1995C-FOOGsub-lt & rgd to Canada 3000 Airlines Ltd.
10/12/1995C-FOOGferried London/Luton-Toronto.
04/05/1997C-FOOGat Manchester in old Air 2000 c/s with "Air 2000" titles.
29/10/1997C-FOOGret Air 2000; registration cancelled.
29/10/1997G-OOOGrgd to Air 2000 Ltd.
15/12/1997G-OOOGregistration cancelled.
15/12/1997C-FOOGsub-lt & rgd to Canada 3000 Airlines Ltd.; r/o at Shannon; ferried Shannon-Toronto.
28/04/1998C-FOOGarr Manchester in new Air 2000 c/s with "Canada 3000" titles.
01/05/1998C-FOOGat Manchester in full Air 2000 c/s with "Air 2000" titles.
29/10/1998C-FOOGret Air 2000; registration cancelled.
29/10/1998G-OOOGrgd to First Choice Airways Ltd.
00/12/1999G-OOOGsub-lt Spanair.
00/04/2000G-OOOGret Air 2000.
08/01/2001G-OOOGarr Bristol; for repaint.
12/01/2001G-OOOGferried Bristol-London/Stansted with "TCS Expeditions" titles; will operate in an all First Class layout for the winter.
00/12/2003G-OOOGlease to Skyservice; not taken up.
18/12/2003G-OOOGat Manchester in basic Air 2000 c/s with "Skyservice" and "Signature" titles.
02/01/2004G-OOOGat Manchester in basic Air 2000 c/s with "Skyservice" and "Signature" titles.
13/01/2004G-OOOGAir 2000 renamed First Choice Airways.
16/02/2004G-OOOGregistration cancelled.
16/02/2004C-GOOGsub-lt & rgd to Skyservice Airlines Inc.
17/02/2004C-GOOGferried Manchester-Toronto as SSV390.
29/03/2004C-GOOGferried Winnipeg-Manchester as SSV391 (arrived 30/03/2004).
30/03/2004C-GOOGret First Choice Airways; registration cancelled.
31/03/2004G-OOOGrgd to First Choice Airways Ltd.
10/04/2004G-OOOGat Geneva in full First Choice Airways c/s with "First Choice" titles.
21/05/2005G-OOOGat Palma in all white c/s with "First Choice" titles (repainted after 03/04/2005).
31/03/2006G-OOOGret to lessor; registration cancelled.
31/03/2006G-OJIBlt & rgd to Astraeus Ltd.
30/11/2007G-OJIBat Lasham in full 'Iron Maiden' c/s; prior to world tour.
29/05/2008G-OJIBat London/Gatwick in full Astraeus c/s (repainted after 22/05/2008).
15/06/2008G-OJIBsub-lt Ghana International Airlines.
00/07/2008G-OJIBret Astraeus.
13/11/2008G-OJIBferried London/Gatwick-London/Heathrow as AEU004P.
21/11/2008G-OJIBsub-lt BMI British Midland; in service: London/Heathrow-Jeddah as BD8363 in full Astraeus c/s.
31/12/2008G-OJIBlast service: Uralsk-London/Heathrow as BD807.
02/01/2009G-OJIBret Astraeus; ferried London/Heathrow-London/Gatwick as AEU004P.
05/01/2009G-OJIBferried London/Gatwick-Lasham as AEU007P; for maintenance.
07/01/2009G-OJIBdep Lasham.
27/01/2009G-OJIBferried Dublin-Norwich; for repaint.
01/02/2009G-OJIBferried Norwich-Lasham as AEU666P in full 'Iron Maiden' c/s.
08/02/2009G-OJIBferried Lasham-London/Stansted as AEU666P.
04/04/2009G-OJIBferried London/Stansted-Southend as AEU666; for repaint.
20/04/2009G-OJIBat Southend in full Astraeus c/s.
11/10/2009G-OJIBferried Brize Norton-Norwich as AEU733P; for repaint.
18/10/2009G-OJIBferried Norwich-London/Gatwick as AEU008P; ferried London/Gatwick-Jeddah as AEU108 in all white c/s with "Saudi Arabian" titles; for Hadj operations.
01/01/2010G-OJIBret Astraeus; ferried Jeddah-London/Gatwick.
14/06/2010G-OJIBferried Dublin-London/Gatwick in full Easyjet c/s; sub-lt Easyjet; in service: London/Gatwick-Kos as EZY8797.
31/08/2010G-OJIBlast service: Heraklion-Londn/Gatwick as EZY8774.
01/09/2010G-OJIBret Astraeus; ferried London/Gatwick-Shannon as EZY8001; for repaint.
05/09/2010G-OJIBferried Shannon-Southend as EZY8001 in all white c/s with "Saudi Arabian" titles.
01/10/2010G-OJIBferried Southend-London/Gatwick in all white c/s with "Saudi Arabian" titles and tail logo.
00/10/2010G-OJIBsub-lt Saudi Arabian Airlines.
12/01/2011G-OJIBret Astraeus; ferried Medina-London/Gatwick as AEU008P (arrived 13/01/2011).
00/00/2011G-OJIBopf Iceland Express.
27/04/2011G-OJIBlast service; Keflavik-London/Gatwick as AEU501; ret to Astraeus.
29/04/2011G-OJIBsub-lt Thomas Cook Airlines; ferried London/Gatwick-Newcastle as TCX752P.
01/05/2011G-OJIBin service: Newcastle-Ibiza as TCX6046.
31/10/2011G-OJIBlast service: Bodrum-Newcastle as TCX6977; ret to Astraeus; ferried Newcastle-Keflavik as AEU835P.
01/11/2011G-OJIBin service: Keflavik-Tenerife as AEU835.
11/11/2011G-OJIBsub-lt BMI British Midland.
21/11/2011G-OJIBlast service: Jeddah-London/Heathrow as BD8075; ferried London/Heathrow-London/Gatwick as BD9722.
21/11/2011G-OJIBAstraeus stopped operations.
28/11/2011G-OJIBferried London/Gatwick-Montreal; for storage.
00/12/2011G-OJIBferried Montreal-Victorville.
22/12/2011G-OJIBregistration cancelled.
22/12/2011N938FDrgd to AWMS I c/o AWAS Aviation Services Inc.
24/12/2011N938FDat Victorville in all white c/s; still wearing registration G-OJIB.
02/07/2012N938FDferried Victorville-Marana.
16/07/2012N938FDbt Federal Express Corporation.
25/07/2012N938FDrgd to Federal Express Corporation.
20/09/2012N938FDat Victorville; stored.
15/10/2012N938FDferried Victorville-Mobile as FDX9042; for conversion to freighter.
00/04/2013N938FDconversion to freighter completed at Mobile.
00/04/2013N938FDferried Mobile-New Iberia; for repaint.
01/05/3013N938FDferried New Iberia-Memphis as FDX9073.
02/05/2013N938FDin service: Memphis-Columbia (SC) as FDX1445.
05/03/2014N938FDat Phoenix/PHX; named "Isabella".
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