Line number0215
Type23A F
EnginesRolls Royce RB211-535E4
Mode SACB12D
26/01/1989PH-AHKroll out.
20/02/1989PH-AHKfirst flight.
03/03/1989PH-AHKdel Ansett Worldwide Aviation Services.
03/03/1989PH-AHKlt Air Holland.
00/03/1989PH-AHKrgd to Jun Flight Service Company Ltd., Japan.
08/05/1989PH-AHKnamed "Koningin Wilhelmina" at Amsterdam.
12/11/1989PH-AHKoperated Kenya Airways flight KQA1177 Amsterdam-Cairo-Mombasa.
00/11/1989PH-AHKat London/Heathrow with extra "Kenya here we come" titles.
13/09/1990PH-AHKferried Amsterdam-London/Heathrow as AHD497.
19/09/1990PH-AHKr/o at London/Heathrow in full Britannia Airways c/s.
04/10/1990PH-AHKat Leeds/Bradford in full Britannia Airways c/s with "Britannia Airways" and "Air Holland" titles.
05/11/1990PH-AHKlast service: Mombasa-Amsterdam (sub-charter for Kenya Airways).
00/11/1990G-BSUABritannia Airways; not taken up.
07/11/1990PH-AHKsub-lt Britannia Airways.
14/11/1990PH-AHKin service: London/Gatwick-Tenerife.
02/02/1991PH-AHKlast service as PH-AHK: Geneva-London/Gatwick.
08/02/1991PH-AHKregistration cancelled.
08/02/1991G-OAHKrgd to Britannia Airways Ltd.
09/02/1991G-OAHKin service: London/Gatwick-Geneva.
20/04/1992G-OAHKlast service: Belfast-London/Luton.
21/04/1992G-OAHKret Ansett Worldwide Aviation Services.
23/04/1992G-OAHKferried London/Heathrow-London/Stansted; for repaint.
29/04/1992G-OAHKrgd to Inter European Airways Ltd.
30/04/1992G-OAHKat London/Stansted in full Inter European Airways c/s.
03/11/1992G-OAHKret Ansett Worldwide Aviation Services.
06/03/1993G-OAHKat London/Stansted in all white c/s.
27/05/1993G-OAHKat London/Stansted in all white c/s.
08/07/1993G-OAHKferried London/Stansted-London/Luton as IEA001P; for continued storage.
29/11/1993G-OAHKregistration cancelled.
29/11/1993N250LArgd to Wilmington Trust Company.
02/12/1993N250LAlt Leisure Air.
03/12/1993N250LAregistration being applied at London/Luton.
09/12/1993N250LAferried London/Luton-Winston Salem in all white c/s.
20/12/1993N250LAat Phoenix in full Leisure Air c/s.
08/12/1994N250LAsub-lt Airstar.
15/01/1995N250LAret Ansett Worldwide Aviation Services.
16/03/1995N250LAat Phoenix in basic Leisure Air c/s with "Airstar" titles; named "Mother A Sukhri".
20/04/1995N916AWlt America West Airlines; r/o at Phoenix in special "Arizona" c/s; named "City of Phoenix" on left side and "City of Tucson" on right side.
16/03/1998N916AWret Ansett Worldwide Aviation Services.
14/04/1998N916AWregistration cancelled.
20/04/1998PH-AHKlt & rgd to Air Holland Charter B.V.
22/04/1998PH-AHKferried Phoenix-Amsterdam in all white c/s with "Air Holland" titles (arrived 23/04/1998).
30/04/1998PH-AHKsub-lt Britannia Airways; ferried Amsterdam-Manchester as BAL897.
01/06/1998PH-AHKret Air Holland.
11/06/1998PH-AHKat Palma in all white c/s with "Air Holland" titles.
00/06/1998PH-AHKferried Amsterdam-Eindhoven; for repaint into Air Holland c/s.
31/10/1998PH-AHKsub-lt Swiss World Airways; ferried Amsterdam-Manchester; for maintenance.
10/11/1998PH-AHKferried Manchester-Shannon as SWO4404; for repaint.
16/11/1998PH-AHKr/o at Shannon in full Swiss World Airways c/s.
29/11/1998PH-AHKferried Shannon-Lasham as SWO4452; for interior fitting; Swiss Authorities will not allow the aircraft to operate across the Atlantic Ocean and lease is cancelled.
04/12/1998PH-AHKferried Lasham-Amsterdam in full Swiss World Airways c/s.
14/12/1998PH-AHKferried Amsterdam-London/Stansted; for repaint.
18/12/1998PH-AHKr/o at London/Stansted in full Air Holland c/s.
02/03/1999PH-AHKrgd to Wilmington Trust Company.
04/11/1999PH-AHKlast service: Muscat-Amsterdam.
00/11/1999PH-AHKat Amsterdam; stored.
03/12/1999PH-AHKat Amsterdam inside Transavia hangar in basic Air Holland c/s without titles.
06/12/1999PH-AHKferried Amsterdam-Keflavik-Phoenix as HV097; for storage.
07/12/1999PH-AHKret Ansett Worldwide Aviation Services.
09/12/1999PH-AHKregistration cancelled.
13/12/1999N291ANAnsett Worldwide Aviation Services; re-rgd.
13/12/1999N291ANrgd to Wilmington Trust Company.
17/12/1999N291ANat Phoenix in basic Air Holland c/s without titles; stored.
14/03/2000N291ANlt National Airlines.
18/03/2000N291ANferried Phoenix-Goodyear.
02/04/2000N291ANat Goodyear.
07/06/2000N541NANational Airlines; re-rgd.
28/11/2001N541NAret Ansett Worldwide Aviation Services.
17/12/2001N541NAbt AWMS I, New York, NY.
18/12/2001N541NArgd to AWMS I, New York, NY.
05/07/2002N541NAat Mexico City in full National Airlines c/s.
29/09/2003N541NAat Mexico City in all white c/s; stored.
09/12/2004N541NAregistration cancelled.
19/12/2004CX-PUDlt Pluna; named "Uruguay Natural"; ferried Rio de Janeiro-Montevideo.
00/10/2006CX-PUDat Mexico City; parked while new lease is negotiated (parked till 00/02/2007).
25/02/2007CX-PUDat Florianopolis in new Pluna c/s.
25/11/2007CX-PUDferried Montevideo-Recife-Lagos (arrived 26/11/2007); for Hadj operations.
00/11/2007CX-PUDsub-lt Med-View Airline.
27/11/2007CX-PUDat Jeddah with additional "Med-View Airline" titles.
17/12/2007CX-PUDarr Madrid with "Med-View - The Airline of Nigeria" titles below the "Pluna" titles on the fuselage and Uruguay Natural sticker between cockpit window and front passenger door; for maintenance.
29/12/2007CX-PUDsub-lt Med-View Airline; ferried Madrid-Jeddah.
18/01/2008CX-PUDret Pluna; ferried Jeddah-Madrid-Recife-Rio de Janeiro-Montevideo (arrived 19/01/2008).
00/06/2008CX-PUDrepossessed by owner.
12/08/2008CX-PUDferried Panama City-Phoenix as PUA6757 in basoc Pluna c/s without titles.
20/08/2008N917FDbt & rgd to Federal Express Corporation.
21/08/2008N917FDferried Phoenix-Victorville as FDX9065.
06/12/2008N917FDferried Victorville-Mobile; for conversion to freighter.
13/08/2009N917FDconversion to freighter completed at Mobile.
24/02/2011N917FDferried Memphis-Bangor-Paris/Charles de Gaulle (arrived 25/02/2011); for European operations.
30/03/2011N917FDat London/Luton; named "Kirby".

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