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Line number0212
Type23A F
EnginesRolls Royce RB211-535E4
Mode SACB4E4
10/01/1989EC-248roll out.
10/02/1989EC-248first flight.
27/02/1989EC-248del Ansett Worldwide Aviation Services.
27/02/1989EC-248lt Lineas Aereas Hispania.
00/04/1989EC-EMULineas Aereas Hispania; re-rgd (before 16/04/1989).
15/07/1989EC-EMUrepossessed by Ansett Worldwide Aviation Services.
24/07/1989EC-EMUat Palma.
00/00/1989N510FPAnsett Worldwide Aviation Services; re-rgd.
02/08/1989N510FPferried Palma-Zurich.
04/08/1989N510FPferried Zurich-Amsterdam.
27/09/1989N510FPferried Amsterdam-London/Luton.
19/10/1989G-OOOJlt & rgd Air 2000 Ltd.
04/11/1989G-OOOJsub-lt Ansett Airlines.
08/11/1989G-OOOJin service: Melbourne-Perth.
29/03/1990G-OOOJret Air 2000.
03/03/2001G-OOOJat Innsbruck in new Air 2000 c/s.
04/04/2003G-OOOJlast service: Manchester-Lyons-Glasgow-Manchester as AMM429C/D.
05/04/2003G-OOOJperformed sub-charter for MyTravel: Manchester-Alicante-Manchester as MYT6711/2.
00/04/2003G-OOOJwas to be returned to AWAS but it has been offered back to Air 2000 on a power-by-the-hour deal.
17/05/2003G-OOOJferried Norwich-London/Luton as AMM757T in all white c/s.
21/05/2003G-OOOJr/o at London/Luton with registration N290AN.
29/05/2003G-OOOJregistration cancelled.
29/05/2003N290ANrgd to AWAS I, New York, NY.
15/06/2003N290ANat London/Luton in all white c/s without titles.
14/07/2003N290ANferried London/Luton-Lasham; for storage.
18/07/2003N290ANregistration cancelled.
21/07/2003G-FJEBlt & rgd to Flyjet Ltd.
24/07/2003G-FJEBat Lasham in full Flyjet c/s.
02/10/2007G-FJEBferried Newcastle-Lasham as FJE757P; for maintenance.
00/10/2007G-FJEBret to lessor.
10/11/2007G-FJEBat Lasham in basic Flyjet c/s without titles and tail logo; missing both engines.
27/11/2007G-FJEBat Lasham in white fuselage c/s with blue tail c/s without titles and tail logo; missing both engines.
28/04/2008G-FJEBregistration cancelled.
30/04/2008N290ANbt & rgd to Federal Express Corporation.
02/05/2008N290ANferried Lasham-Shannon.
03/05/2008N290ANferried Shannon-Bangor-Memphis (arrived 04/05/2008).
18/08/2008N918FDFederal Express Corporation; re-rgd.
04/04/2009N918FDconversion to freighter completed at Mobile.
30/03/2011N918FDat Munich; named "Dexter".
Marcel van Noordenne

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