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Line number0185
EnginesRolls Royce RB211-535E4
Mode SC066CC
10/06/19884X-EBRroll out.
06/07/19884X-EBRfirst flight.
19/07/19884X-EBRdel El Al; '503'.
20/07/19884X-EBRferried Boeing Field-London/Heathrow-Tel Aviv as LY222.
04/10/2001N73724bt Boeing Aircraft Holding Company, Seattle, WA.
09/10/2001N73724rgd to Boeing Aircraft Holding Company.
10/10/2001N73724ferried Tel Aviv-Glasgow in basic El Al c/s without titles.
12/10/2001N73724ferried Glasgow-Bangor-Marana.
26/07/2002N73724ferried Marana-Montreal.
30/07/2002N73724ferried Montreal-Gander-London/Luton in basic El Al c/s (arrived 31/07/2002).
04/09/2002N73724ferried London/Luton-Southend; for repaint.
14/09/2002N73724ferried Southend-Shannon-Montreal in full HMY Airways c/s with '802' on nose wheel door.
15/09/2002N73724at Vancouver.
17/09/2002N73724at Vancouver; wearing registration C-GMYD.
25/09/2002N73724registration cancelled.
28/10/2002C-GMYDlt & rgd to HMY Airways Ltd.
17/05/2004C-GMYDHMY Airways renamed Harmony Airways.
06/08/2005C-GMYDat Toronto with "Harmony" titles (applied after 25/05/2005; before had "HMY" titles).
09/04/2007C-GMYDHarmony Airways stopped operations; aircraft parked/stored at Vancouver.
21/06/2007C-GMYDferried Vancouver-Memphis as HMY9802.
25/06/2007C-GMYDret Boeing Aircraft Holding Company; ferried Memphis/MEM-Greenwood/GWO.
26/06/2007C-GMYDregistration cancelled.
30/07/2008at Greenwood/GWO in basic Harmony Airways c/s; withdrawn from use.
00/11/2008at Greenwood/GWO in basic Harmony Airways c/s; many parts missing.
00/00/2009scrapping completed.

Marcel van Noordenne

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