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Line number0165
Type27B W
EnginesRolls Royce RB211-535E4
Mode S400F4C
21/01/1988PH-AHEroll out.
19/02/1988PH-AHEfirst flight.
09/03/1988PH-AHEdel Air Holland; remaining at Boeing Field for crew training.
00/00/1988PH-AHEaircraft owned by Invema B.V., Amsterdam.
17/03/1988PH-AHEferried Las Vegas-Amsterdam (arrived 18/03/1988).
19/03/1988PH-AHEfirst service: Amsterdam-Las Palmas.
08/05/1989PH-AHEnamed "Soldaat van Oranje" at Amsterdam.
24/10/1989PH-AHEferried Amsterdam-London/Gatwick-Copenhagen as AHD197/198.
25/10/1989PH-AHEregistration cancelled.
25/10/1989OY-SHEsub-lt Sterling Airways.
28/10/1989OY-SHEin service: Copenhagen-Gothenburg-Bangor-Fort Lauderdale as SAW985.
10/04/1990OY-SHEret Air Holland; ferried Copenhagen-Amsterdam as SAW035.
11/04/1990PH-AHEAir Holland; re-rgd.
22/04/1990PH-AHEferried Amsterdam-London/Heathrow as AHD797; for maintenance.
07/05/1990PH-AHEferried London/Heathrow-Amsterdam as AHD198.
06/10/1990PH-AHEferried Amsterdam-London/Gatwick as AHD197; for maintenance.
07/10/1990PH-AHEferried London/Gatwick-Copenhagen.
08/10/1990PH-AHEregistration cancelled.
08/10/1990OY-SHEsub-lt Sterling Airways.
09/10/1990OY-SHErgd to Sterling Airways.
13/10/1990OY-SHEin service: Copenhagen-Palma as SAW459.
11/04/1991OY-SHEret to Air Holland.
11/04/1991PH-AHEAir Holland; re-rgd.
12/04/1991PH-AHEferried Copenhagen-London/Gatwick as AHD597; for maintenance; ferried London/Gatwick-Amsterdam as AHD598.
12/05/1991PH-AHEferried Amsterdam-London/Gatwick as AHD799; for maintenance.
30/09/1991PH-AHEAir Holland ceased operations.
03/12/1991PH-AHEtfd to Air Holland Regional.
29/06/1992PH-AHErgd to Air Holland Charter B.V. (change of ownership).
07/11/1992PH-AHEferried Amsterdam-Maastricht; for repaint.
14/11/1992PH-AHEferried Maastricht-Amsterdam in white fuselage c/s with large "AWA" titles and Air Holland tail c/s; for projected lease to Africa West Airlines.
04/02/1993PH-AHE"AWA" titles removed at Amsterdam.
08/02/1993PH-AHE"Air Holland" titles applied at Amsterdam.
04/04/1993PH-AHEsub-lt El Al.
19/04/1993PH-AHEat Helsinki in white fuselage c/s, no titles and Air Holland tail c/s; opb El Al.
21/04/1993PH-AHEret Air Holland.
14/06/1993PH-AHEsub-lt El Al in basic Air Holland c/s without titles.
00/00/1993PH-AHEret Air Holland.
19/11/1993PH-AHEstart of weekly service: Amsterdam-Frankfurt-Cabo Verde; opf TACV Cabo Verde.
30/06/1994PH-AHEat Paris/Orly in full Air Holland c/s without titles.
01/04/1995PH-AHEat Amsterdam; still missing titles.
00/00/1995PH-AHEat Amsterdam in full Air Holland c/s with titles.
00/12/1995PH-AHEdep Maastricht/Aachen in basic Air Holland c/s without titles.
09/05/1996PH-AHEbt Finova Capital Corporation; opb Air Holland Charter on lease.
20/12/1996PH-AHEsub-lt Icelandair.
00/12/1996PH-AHEseen in Air Holland c/s with "Icelandair" titles.
03/01/1996PH-AHEat Amsterdam in Air Holland c/s with "Icelandair" titles.
15/03/1997PH-AHEret Air Holland Charter.
23/12/1997PH-AHEdep Amsterdam on ferry flight to Argentina.
00/12/1997PH-AHEsub-lt Dinar.
22/02/1998PH-AHEat Florianopolis in full Air Holland c/s with extra "Dinar" titles on fuselage.
04/03/1998PH-AHEret Air Holland Charter.
05/03/1998PH-AHEat Buenos Aires in full Air Holland c/s with extra "Dinar" titles.
18/05/1998PH-AHEat Nice in full Air Holland c/s.
12/10/1999PH-AHEferried Amsterdam-Copenhagen as AHR0907; for maintenance and repaint.
00/10/1999PH-AHEsub-lt Spanair.
30/10/1999PH-AHEat Hamburg in basic Air Holland c/s with "Spanair" titles and Spanair logo on engine cowlings.
03/11/1999PH-AHEret to Finova Capital Corporation; due to financial problems with Air Holland Charter.
18/11/1999PH-AHEferried Tenerife-Amsterdam as AHR097.
03/02/2000PH-AHEat Amsterdam in Air Holland c/s with "Spanair" titles and Spanair logo on engine cowlings; stored.
07/06/2000PH-AHErgd to Finova Capital Ltd.
07/06/2000PH-AHEferried Amsterdam-London/Luton; for maintenance.
27/06/2000PH-AHElt & rgd to Air Holland Leasing III B.V.
29/06/2000PH-AHEferried London/Luton-Amsterdam as HLN099 in full Air Holland c/s.
02/07/2000PH-AHEin service: Amsterdam-Chateauroux as HLN900.
02/08/2001PH-AHEferried Amsterdam-Brize Norton as HLN901P; for military charter to Sydney via Ras El Khayman, Singapore and Darwin as HLN101.
05/01/2002PH-AHEferried Amsterdam-Nimes; for storage.
00/00/2002PH-AHEferried Nimes-Amsterdam after short storage.
25/03/2002PH-AHErgd to Air Holland I B.V.
22/06/2002PH-AHEsub-lt Air Gabon; ferried Amsterdam-Libreville as AGN6037.
17/08/2002PH-AHEat Brussels in basic Air Holland c/s with "Air Gabon" c/s.
00/10/2002PH-AHEret Air Holland I B.V.
15/10/2002PH-AHEat Amsterdam.
18/06/2003PH-AHEferried Amsterdam-London/Gatwick-Paris/Charles de Gaulle-Djibouti as DAO101.
23/10/2003PH-AHEat Amsterdam; parked.
24/10/2003PH-AHEferried Amsterdam-Abu Dhabi as HLN500P; for C-check.
11/03/2004N335FVat Abu Dhabi.
16/03/2004PH-AHEregistration cancelled.
16/03/2004N335FVbt & rgd to Finova Capital Corporation, Scottsdale, AZ.
19/03/2004N335FVferried Abu Dhabi-Shannon-Portland-Goodyear in full Air Holland c/s (arrived 20/03/2004); for storage.
28/05/2004N335FVferried Goodyear-Phoenix-San Salvador in Air Holland c/s.
24/07/2004N335FVferried San Salvador-Tucson-Phoenix in full Air Slovakia c/s.
29/07/2004N335FVregistration cancelled.
02/08/2004OM-SNAat Phoenix; still wearing registration N335FV.
03/08/2004OM-SNAlt Air Slovakia; dep Phoenix.
13/02/2005OM-SNAhit an air bridge with left engine at Birmingham.
00/06/2006OM-SNAret to lessor.
28/06/2006G-LSAEbt & rgd to Dart Group Plc.
25/08/2006G-LSAEferried Lasham-Southend as EXS100E in Air Slovakia c/s (small part of engine cowlings already painted red).
05/09/2006G-LSAEr/o at Southend in full Jet2 c/s; named "Jet2 Murcia".
13/09/2006G-LSAEferried Southend-Leeds/Bradford as EXS100E.
04/05/2010G-LSAEat Manchester with blended winglets (installed after 27/02/2010).
26/06/2010G-LSAEat Leeds/Bradford with extra "75 years Newcastle International" titles on rear fuselage; named "Jet2 Newcastle"
19/02/2011G-LSAEat Manchester with extra "Friendly low fares" titles on both sides of fuselage (applied after 30/01/2011).
12/01/2013G-LSAEat Geneva in 'Jet2 Holidays' c/s with "Jet2 Holidays" titles and extra "Package holidays you can trust" titles (repainted after 22/09/2012).
21/03/2020G-LSAElast service: Lanzarote/ACE-Manchester/MAN as EXS764; parked because of COVID-19 pandemic.
0208/2020G-LSAEret to service; Manchester/MAN-?
01/11/2020G-LSAElast service: Tenerife/TFS-Manchester/MAN as EXS918.
09/11/2020G-LSAEferried Manchester/MAN-Murcia/RMU as EXS037E; for storage.
10/06/2021G-LSAEferried Murcia/RMU-Manchester/MAN as EXS030F; for maintenance before returning to service.
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