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Line number0187
EnginesRolls Royce RB211-535E4
Mode S400432
Name"Jet2 Tenerife"
27/06/1988G-BNSFroll out.
27/06/1988G-BNSFrgd to Air Europe Ltd.
19/07/1988G-BNSFfirst flight.
29/07/1988G-BNSFdel Air Europe.
30/07/1988G-BNSFarr London/Gatwick as AEL001P.
13/11/1988G-BNSFat Manchester with "Air Europa" tail titles.
24/11/1988G-BNSFregistration cancelled.
24/11/1988EC-203sub-lt Air Europa.
07/12/1988EC-ELSAir Europa; re-rgd.
17/05/1989EC-ELSret Air Europe; arr London/Stansted as AEA006.
19/05/1989G-BNSFrgd to AE Finance Ltd.; lease to Air Euope continues.
24/05/1989G-BNSFferried London/Stansted-London/Heathrow as AEL584P.
20/04/1990G-BNSFsub-lt Nurnberger Flugdienst.
00/04/1990D-AOEBNurnberger Flugdienst - not taken up.
22/04/1990G-BNSFferried London/Gatwick-Cologne as AOE005P.
08/03/1991G-BNSFAir Europe ceased operations due to bankruptcy of it parent International Leisure Group.
14/03/1991G-BNSFrepossessed by Citibank; ferried Cologne-Southampton-Lasham; for storage.
22/05/1991G-BNSFferried Lasham-London/Gatwick.
01/06/1991G-BNSFat London/Gatwick with "Air Europa" titles.
04/06/1991EC-744Citibank; re-rgd.
05/06/1991G-BNSFregistration cancelled.
05/06/1991EC-744lt Air Europa; ferried London/Gatwick-Palma as AEA004.
15/06/1991EC-744bt ING Lease International; opb Air Europa on lease.
05/09/1991EC-FFKAir Europa; re-rgd.
18/04/1991EC-FFKat Salzburg; named "Galicia".
01/04/1998EC-FFKsub-lt Iberia.
02/04/1998EC-FFKat London/Heathrow in full Iberia c/s.
31/10/2001EC-FFKret Air Europa.
01/11/2001EC-FFKat Madrid; parked.
10/01/2002EC-FFKat Madrid in all white c/s without titles and tail logo; stored.
00/04/2002EC-FFKret IEM Airfinance.
00/04/2002TC-ANMlt Air Anatolia.
30/04/2002TC-ANMat Amsterdam in all white c/s with "Air Anatolia" titles.
25/04/2003TC-ANMseized at Amsterdam due to non-payments of ATC fees.
00/04/2003TC-ANMret IEM Airfinance.
00/04/2003TC-FLBlt Fly Air.
28/04/2003TC-FLBat Amsterdam in all white c/s with "Air Anatolia" titles.
29/04/2003TC-FLBat Amsterdam in all white c/s without titles.
03/05/2003TC-FLBat Maastricht/Aachen in all white fuselage c/s with "Fly Air" titles and white/green tail c/s.
31/05/2003TC-FLBat Maastricht/Aachen in all white fuselage c/s with red "Fly Air" titles and red/green tail c/s.
03/06/2003TC-FLBat London/Heathrow; operating flight SD120 from Khartoum and Paris/Charles de Gaulle for Sudan Airways.
14/06/2003TC-FLBat Brussels in basic Fly Air c/s with large "HTC Reizen" titles and small "operated by Fly Air" titles.
27/01/2004TC-FLBat Madrid in Fly Air c/s with "Fly Air" titles and small "operated by Fly Air" titles on aft fuselage; missing both engines.
28/02/2004TC-FLBat Madrid in Fly Air c/s with "Fly Air" titles and small "operated by Fly Air" titles on aft fuselage; missing both engines.
00/03/2004TC-FLBret to lessor.
09/03/2004N241CVrgd to Wells Fargo Bank Northwest.
13/03/2004N241CVat Madrid in full Fly Air c/s.
21/03/2004N241CVferried Madrid-Gander-Tucson-Goodyear; for storage.
21/08/2004N241CVat Goodyear; now moved from the field to the TIMCO ramp.
26/08/2004N241CVbt Compass Capital Corporation.
26/08/2004N241CVbt New Mexorado Gas LLC, East Alton, IL.
13/10/2004N241CVrgd to New Mexorado Gas LLC, East Alton, IL.
30/01/2005N241CVat Goodyear; stored.
11/05/2005N241CVregistration cancelled.
17/05/2005G-LSAAbt Channel Express (Air Services) Ltd.
11/08/2005G-LSAAferried Goodyear-Salina-Goose Bay-Lasham as SXA239 (arrived 12/08/2005); still in Fly Air c/s with extra "Trabzonspor" titles.
23/09/2005G-LSAAferried Lasham-Southend; for repaint.
04/10/2005G-LSAAferried Southend-Lasham in Jet2 c/s with "Jet2" titles on fuselage, "" titles on tail; named "Jet2 Tenerife".
13/10/2005G-LSAAbt Dart Group
PLC; lease to Jet2 continues.
23/05/2010G-LSAAat Palma with "✔ 22kg baggage allowance ✔ allocated seats" titles on left side and "✔ Points for FREE flights ✔ Great flight times" titles on right side (applied after 10/04/2010).
21/04/2013G-LSAAat Budapest; now with large "✔ Great Package Holidays ✔ Great Flight Times" titles on right side (applied after 12/03/2013).
21/03/2020G-LSAAlast service: Antalya/AYT-Manchester/MAN as EXS896; parked because of COVID-19 pandemic.
17/11/2020G-LSAAferried Manchester/MAN-Murcia/RMU as EXS039E; for winter storage.
22/05/2021G-LSAAferried Murcia/RMU-Manchester/MAN as EXS030F; for maintenance.
16/12/2021G-LSAAret to service: Manchester/MAN-Tenerife/TFS as EXS755.
10/11/2023G-LSAAlast service: Malaga/AGP-Manchester/MAN as EXS810.
14/11/2023G-LSAAat Manchester/MAN; all titles and tail logo painted out.
15/11/2023G-LSAAferried Manchester/MAN-St. Athan/DGX as EX757; for part out and scrapping.
29/12/2023G-LSAAregistration cancelled.
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