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Line number0183
Type236 F
EnginesRolls Royce RB211-535E4
Mode S34310D
26/05/1988G-BNSEroll out.
15/06/1988G-BNSErgd to Air Europe Ltd.
17/06/1988G-BNSEfirst flight.
30/06/1988G-BNSEdel Air Europe.
01/07/1988G-BNSEarr London/Gatwick as AEL003P.
12/12/1989G-BNSEsub-lt Air Europe SpA.
11/01/1990G-BNSEat London/Gatwick in full Air Europe c/s, but with British flag replaced by the Italian flag.
17/04/1990G-BNSEret Air Europe; ferried Milan-London/Gatwick as AEL001P.
17/10/1990G-BNSEferried London/Gatwick-Palma as AOE001P with "Air Europa" titles.
17/10/1990G-BNSEregistration cancelled.
20/10/1990EC-544sub-lt Air Europa.
02/01/1991EC-EXHAir Europa; re-rgd.
08/03/1991EC-EXHAir Europe ceased operations due to bankruptcy of its parent International Leisure Group.
12/04/1991EC-EXHferried Madrid-Bournemouth; for storage.
01/05/1991EX-EXHret Citibank.
01/05/1991G-BNSEbt Jerdan Ltd., Hamilton, Bermuda.
07/05/1991G-BNSEferried Bournemouth-London/Gatwick.
21/06/1991G-BNSEferried London/Gatwick-Bournemouth; for storage.
21/11/1991G-BNSEbt Entrepot Aircraft Ltd., St. Hellier, Jersey.
14/02/1992G-BNSEferried Bournemouth-London/Stansted.
24/02/1992G-BNSEferried London/Stansted-London/Gatwick in full Caledonian Airways c/s with 'EH' on fin; named "Loch Hourn".
01/05/1992G-BPEHlt & rgd to Caledonian Airways.
04/05/1992G-BPEHferried London/Gatwick-Madrid; in service: Madrid-London/Gatwick.
09/03/1995G-BPEHlast service: Mombassa-Rhodes-London/Gatwick.
09/03/1995G-BPEHret to lessor; ferried London/Gatwick-London/Stansted as CKT092P; for maintenance.
05/04/1995G-BPEHferried London/Stansted-Manchester as BA8659E.
10/04/1995r/o at Manchester in full Istanbul Airlines c/s.
13/04/1995G-BPEHregistration cancelled.
13/04/1995TC-AHAbt Babcock & Brown Aircraft Management Ltd.
13/04/1995TC-AHAlt Istanbul Airlines; ferried Manchester-Istanbul.
01/02/1999TC-AHAret Babcock & Brown Aircraft Management Ltd.
01/02/19994X-BAZbt Arkia.
10/04/19994X-BAZat London/Heathrow in full Arkia c/s.
26/08/20004X-BAZat Geneva with additional "Sun d'Or" titles (in Hebrew on left side; in English on right side).
10/05/2001EC-HUTlt South Atlantic Airways.
30/11/20014X-BAZret Arkia.
15/04/20024X-BAZat Tel Aviv with extra "Athens 2004" titles on aft fuselage with Hebrew text on both sides.
08/01/20054X-BAZat Eilat; no longer with extra titles (removed after 12/10/2004).
09/05/20074X-BAZbt Aero Turbine Inc.
21/05/2007N28ATrgd to Wilmington Trust Company.
17/06/2007N28ATat Goodyear in full Arkia c/s; no registration.
06/09/2007N28ATferried Goodyear-Victorville; to be converted to freighter.
13/11/2007N28ATregistration cancelled.
00/11/2007EC-KLDbt Gestair Cargo.
04/02/2008EC-KLDat Madrid in full Gestair Cargo c/s without tail logo.
16/09/2008EC-KLDat Madrid in full Gestair c/s (tail logo applied after 10/09/2008).
20/07/2013EC-KLDat Tenerife in basic Gestair c/s with "Cygnus Air" titles and tail logo (applied after 29/06/2013).
05/06/2018EC-KLDferried Madrid/MAD-Istanbul/SAW as RGN002P; for D-check and repaint.
09/08/2018EC-KLDferried Istanbul/SAW-Madrid/MAD as RGN004P in all white c/s with "Cygnus Air" titles and modified tail logo (after D-check).
10/03/2020EC-KLDferried Istanbul/SAW-Leipzig/LEJ as RGN770P; sub-lt European Air Transport Leipzig.
11/03/2020EC-KLDin service: Leipzig/LEJ-Gdansk/GDN as BCS15N.
Marcel van Noordenne

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