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Line number0174
Type236 F
EnginesRolls Royce RB211-535E4
26/03/1988G-BOHCroll out.
19/04/1988G-BOHCfirst flight.
04/05/1988G-BOHCdel Air Europe.
05/05/1988G-BOHCferried Boeing Field-Iqaluit-London/Stansted.
27/10/1988G-BOHCregistration cancelled.
27/10/1988EC-202sub-lt Air Europa.
10/11/1988EC-ELAAir Europa; re-rgd.
03/10/1989G-BOHCrgd to AE Finance Ltd.
06/10/1989G-BOHCregistration cancelled.
24/10/1989G-BOHCret Air Europe.
16/08/1990G-BOHCregistration cancelled.
16/08/1990EC-516sub-lt Air Europa.
02/09/1990EC-516at Frankfurt with registration G-BOHC taped over but clearly visible.
14/11/1990EC-ELAAir Europa; re-rgd.
08/03/1991EC-ELAAir Europe ceased operations due to bankruptcy of its parent International Leisure Group.
01/05/1991G-BOHCret Citibank.
01/05/1991G-BOHCbt Jerdan Ltd., Hamilton, Bermuda.
21/05/1991G-BOHCat London/Gatwick; Air Europe markings removed.
21/11/1991G-BOHCbt Entrepot Aircraft Ltd., St. Hellier, Jersey.
07/02/1992G-BOHClt British Airways.
07/02/1992G-BOHCsub-lt Caledonian Airways.
08/03/1992G-BOHCferried London/Gatwick-London/Stansted with 'EF' on fin.
18/05/1992G-BOHCregistration cancelled.
18/05/1992G-BPEFrgd to Caledonian Airways; in service: London/Gatwick-Faro.
18/10/1993G-BPEFlast service: Corfu-London/Gatwick.
22/10/1993G-BPEFferried London/Gatwick-London/Heathrow in basic Caledonian Airways c/s with "British Airways" titles.
23/10/1993G-BPEFin service: London/Heathrow-Manchester.
11/04/1994G-BPEFlast service: Aberdeen-London/Heathrow; ferried London/Heathrow-London/Stansted; for maintenance.
28/04/1994G-BPEFferried London/Stansted-London/Gatwick.
01/05/1994G-BPEFin service: London/Gatwick-Preveza.
01/11/1995G-BPEFferried London/Gatwick-London/Stansted; for repaint.
24/11/1995G-BPEFferried London/Stansted-London/Stansted.
11/12/1995G-BPEFrgd to British Airways.
29/03/1997G-BPEFtransferred to British Airways EuoGatwick.
30/03/1997G-BPEFin service: London/Gatwick-St. Petersburg.
00/05/1997G-BPEFbt Babcock & Brown/NBB; opb British Airways on lease.
03/07/2000G-BPEFlast service: Istanbul-London/Heathrow as BA675.
00/07/2000G-BPEFrepainted in new British Airways c/s with "Union Flag" tail c/s.
10/07/2000G-BPEFin service: London/Heathrow-Munich as BA948.
12/02/2003G-BPEFlast service: Athens-London/Heathrow as BA633 (TT: 40403 hours; 17703 cycles).
17/02/2003G-BPEFferried London/Heathrow-Nimes as BA9264E; for end of lease maintenance.
07/04/2003G-BPEFferried Nimes-Southend as BA9256P.
13/04/2003G-BPEFat Southend in basic British Airways c/s with registration G-BPEF stickered on.
15/04/2003G-BPEFregistration cancelled.
15/04/20034X-EBOlt Sun d'Or; ferried Southend-Tel Aviv as ERO6002.
19/04/20034X-EBOat Munich in basic British Airways c/s with Sun d'Or tail logo.
14/12/20034X-EBOat Tel Aviv in basic British Airways c/s with "Sun d'Or" titles and tail logo.
27/02/2007N915FDbt & rgd to Federal Express Corporation (from Haifa LLC).
28/02/2007N915FDferried Tel Aviv-London/Stansted-Keflavik-Bangor as FDX9011 (arrived 01/03/2007).
03/03/2007N915FDferried Bangor-Memphis as FDX9011.
01/07/2007N915FDarr Victorville in basic British Airways c/s without titles and white tail c/s.
05/09/2007N915FDat Los Angeles in basic British Airways c/s without titles and with white tail c/s.
24/01/2008N915FDat Mobile in basic British Airways c/s without titles and with white tail c/s.
21/03/2009N915FDconversion to freighter completed and re-delivered to Federal Express Corporation.
24/08/2010N915FDferried Memphis-Bangor-Paris/Charles de Gaulle; for Europe based operations.
31/10/2010N915FDat Budapest; named "Declan".
24/05/2024N915FDlast service: Boise/BOI-Casper/CPR-Memphis/MEM as FDX1295 (arrived 25/05/2024).
28/05/2024N915FDferried Memphis/MEM-Victorville/VCV as FDX9030; for part out and scrapping.
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