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Line number0163
Type236 F
EnginesRolls Royce RB211-535E4
Mode SAD9E27
07/01/1988G-BNSDroll out.
01/02/1988G-BNSDfirst flight.
01/03/1988G-BNSDdel Air Europe.
01/03/1988G-BNSDrgd to AE Finance Ltd.
03/03/1988G-BNSDarr London/Gatwick as AE001P.
13/12/1988G-BNSDregistration cancelled.
13/12/1988EC-204sub-lt Air Europa.
00/12/1988EC-EMAAir Europa; re-rgd.
09/11/1989EC-EMAret Air Europe.
20/11/1989G-BNSDrgd to AE Finance Ltd.
12/03/1990G-BNSDferried London/Gatwick-Dusseldorf as AOE964P; for sub-lt Air Europe Germany/NFD.
17/03/1990G-BNSDsub-lt Nurnberger Flugdienst.
00/00/1990D-AOEANurnberger Flugdienst - not taken up.
03/04/1990G-BNSDat Frankfurt with blue sun logo on tail.
05/11/1990G-BNSDret Air Europe; ferried Cologne-London/Gatwick as NFD6023.
07/03/1991G-BNSDlast service: Lanzarote-London/Gatwick as AOE081.
08/03/1991G-BNSDAir Europe ceased operations due to bankruptcy of its parent International Leisure Group.
15/03/1991G-BNSDrepossessed by Citibank.
28/03/1991G-BNSDferried London/Gatwick-Lasham; for storage.
20/04/1991G-BNSDat Lasham in basic Air Europe c/s.
05/07/1991G-BNSDbt Jerdan Ltd., Bermuda.
21/11/1991G-BNSDbt Entrepot Aircraft Ltd., St. Hellier, Jersey.
00/12/1991G-BNSDat Lasham; missing both engines.
11/03/1992G-BNSDferried Lasham-London/Stansted as BOE757; for repaint.
08/04/1992G-BNSDferried London/Stansted-Amsterdam in full Transavia Airlines c/s.
10/04/1992G-BNSDregistration cancelled.
13/04/1992PH-TKYlt Transavia Airlines.
18/03/1993PH-TKYret to lessor.
26/03/1993N769BEbt Boeing Equipment Holding Company.
00/03/1993N769BEat Wichita; for maintenance.
29/07/1993N769BErgd to Wilmington Trust Company.
01/08/1993N769BElt China Southern Airlines.
03/09/1993N769BEat Hong Kong in full China Southern Airlines c/s.
00/10/1994N769BEbt Babcock & Brown Aircraft Management; opb China Southern Airlines on lease.
03/08/1998N769BEret Babcock & Brown Aircraft Management.
20/09/1998N769BEat Everett in all white c/s.
22/10/1998N769BEbt BBAM Aircraft Holdings 26 Inc.
22/10/1998N769BEregistration cancelled.
04/11/1998C-GRYOlt & rgd to Royal Aviation Inc.
24/03/1999C-GRYObt PALS I Inc; opb Royal Aviation on lease.
00/03/2001C-GRYORoyal Aviation merged into Canada 3000 Airlines.
00/00/2001C-GRYOat ? in basic Royal Aviation c/s with "Canada 3000" titles & tail logo.
16/10/2001C-GRYOferried Toronto-Southend; for repaint.
27/10/2001C-GRYOferried Southend-Toronto in full Canada 3000 Airlines c/s.
09/11/2001C-GRYOCanada 3000 Airlines ceased operations due to financial difficulties.
00/11/2001C-GRYOat Toronto; parked.
20/11/2001C-GRYOat Toronto; parked.
22/01/2002C-GRYOregistration cancelled.
22/01/2002N958PGret to PALS I.
23/01/2002N958PGrgd to PALS I Inc.
27/01/2002N958PGat Goodyear; stored.
18/03/2002N958PGat Goodyear in full Canada 3000 Airlines c/s; stored.
02/06/2002N958PGat Goodyear; stored.
00/06/2002N958PGferried Goodyear-Everett.
14/08/2002N958PGat Everett with blue tail c/s and "TMA" titles.
11/09/2002N958PGat Atlanta in full TransMeridian Airlines c/s.
16/09/2002N958PGat Atlanta; inside Delta hangar for emergency evacuation training.
20/09/2002N958PGlt TransMeridian Airlines c/s.
15/09/2003N958PGsub-lt Avianca Colombia.
26/09/2003N958PGat Panama City in basic TransMeridian Airlines c/s with "Avianca" titles.
31/01/2004N958PGret TransMeridian Airlines.
10/03/2004N958PGat Miami in full TransMeridian Airlines c/s.
09/05/2004N958PGat Miami in full 'John Kerry' c/s Democrat presidential candidate.
29/06/2004N958PGarr Phoenix; name "Edwards" was added behind "Kerry".
21/11/2004N958PGat Miami without "Kerry-Edwards" titles (removed after 08/11/2004).
04/02/2005N958PGat Jacksonville in basic 'Kerry' c/s with "TransMeridian" titles and tail logo.
01/09/2005N958PGopf TCS Expeditions; dep Boston for 23 day roundtrip to Funchal, Mali, Namibia, South Africa, Botswana, Zambia, Madagascar, Tanzania, Egypt, Morocco and back to Boston in basic 'John Kerry' c/s with "TCS Expeditions" titles.
30/09/2005N958PGTransMeridian Airlines suspended operations.
14/01/2006N958PGat Miami in basic 'John Kerry' c/s without titles.
08/03/2006N958PGat Miami in basic 'John Kerry' c/s without titles.
02/09/2006N958PGat Miami; stored.
03/10/2006N958PGregistration cancelled.
06/10/2006YV2243lt Santa Barbara Airlines.
00/10/2006YV2243at Caracas.
18/10/2006YV2243in service:
30/09/2008YV2243at Miami in 2008 Santa Barbara Airlines c/s.
17/11/2010YV2243at Miami in full Santa Barbara Airlines c/s; stored.
18/02/2011YV2243at Miami; in maintenance area.
16/07/2011YV2243at Miami in full Santa Barbara Airlines c/s; stored.
27/07/2011YV2243at Miami; in service.
20/10/2011YV2243at Miami; in maintenance area; stored.
16/02/2012YV2243at Miami in full Santa Barbara Airlines c/s; stored.
11/10/2012YV2243at Miami in full Santa Barbara Airlines c/s; missing both engines.
14/03/2013YV2243at Miami in full Santa Barbara Airlines c/s; stored.
04/11/2013N630SHrgd to PALS I, San Francisco, CA.
06/12/2013N630SHat Miami in full Santa Barbara Airlines c/s.
19/12/2013N630SHbt Federal Express Corporation (from Sky Holdings); ferried Miami-Victorville as FDX9056.
20/12/2013N630SHrgd to Federal Express Corporation.
09/01/2014N630SHferried Victorville-Anchorage-Osaka/Kansai-Singapore/Seletar as FDX9081 (arrived 13/01/2014); for conversion to freighter.
02/06/2014N977FDregistration reserved by Federal Express Corporation.
00/06/2014N630SHregistration cancelled.
25/06/2014N977FDFederal Express Corporation; re-rgd.
00/12/2014N977FDconversion to freighter completed.
09/06/2015N977FDat Fort Lauderdale; in service.
12/06/2015N977FDat Grand Junction; named "Gatten".
04/10/2023N977FDaircraft made a main gear up landing at Chattanooga/CHA and overran runway; no injuries.
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