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Line number0160
Type236 SF
EnginesRolls Royce RB211-535C
Mode S3C70B7
08/12/1987G-BMRCroll out.
09/01/1988G-BMRCfirst flight.
22/01/1988G-BMRCdel British Airways; named "Rochester Castle".
23/01/1988G-BMRCarr London/Heathrow as BA9687P on ferry flight from U.S.A.
30/01/1988G-BMRCfirst service: London/Heathrow-Munich.
14/01/1998G-BMRCferried London/Heathrow-London/Stansted; for repaint.
22/01/1998G-BMRCr/o at London/Stansted in new British Airways c/s with "British Olympic Association" tail c/s.
23/01/1998G-BMRCin service: London/Heathrow-Istanbul.
29/03/2002G-BMRClast service: Paris/Charles de Gaulle-London/Heathrow as BA307 (TT; 29547 hours; 21431 cycles); ferried London/Heathrow-Southend as BA9268E; for storage.
25/09/2002G-BMRCferried Southend-London/Heathrow as BA9288P.
10/10/2002G-BMRCperformed local test flight at London/Heathrow.
22/11/2002G-BMRCrgd to Barclays Mercantile Business Finance Ltd., Basingstoke.
25/11/2002G-BMRCferried London/Heathrow-Tel Aviv as BOE229; for conversion to freighter.
25/07/2003G-BMRCferried Tel Aviv-East Midlands-Norwich; for repaint.
15/08/2003G-BMRCferried London/Stansted-East Midlands as DHK020F in yellow/red DHL c/s.
20/08/2003G-BMRCin service: East Midlands-Paris/Charles de Gaulle as BCS1891.
21/08/2003G-BMRCrgd to DHL Air Ltd., Diegem. Belgium.
14/01/2005G-BMRCat Nuremberg with additional 'Formula 1 Logistic' sticker on fuselage.
29/09/2017D-ALEWregistration reserved.
01/12/2017G-BMRCregistration cancelled.
06/12/2017D-ALEWrgd to EAT Leipzig.
21/12/2018D-ALEWlast service: Leipzig/LEJ-Madrid/MAD as BCS6824.
23/12/2018D-ALEWferried Madrid/MAD-Castellon/CDT as BCS020P; for part out and scrapping.
11/01/2019D-ALEWregistration cancelled.
08/06/2019D-ALEWat Castellon/CDT; titles painted out; still on landing gear.
00/00/2020D-ALEWscrapping completed.
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