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Line number0161
EnginesRolls Royce RB211-535E4
Mode SAD35FE
15/12/1987D-AMUXroll out.
19/01/1988D-AMUXfirst flight.
00/03/1988D-AMUXLufttransport Sud - not taken up.
08/03/1988D-AMUXdel LTU Sud.
11/03/1988D-AMUXferried Boeing Field-Munich.
01/11/1997D-AMUXcompany merged into LTU International.
21/12/1999D-AMUXbt Unicapital Air Group; opb LTU International on lease.
21/07/2000D-AMUXbt LCP LTU LLC; opb LTU International on lease.
24/08/2001D-AMUXr/o at Hamburg in full Atlas International c/s; small LTU stickers applied near doors because aircraft still had to operate 4 flights before returning to lessor, and ongoing lease to Atlas International.
31/08/2001D-AMUXret to lessor.
24/09/2001TC-OGClt Atlas International.
07/10/2001TC-OGCat Dusseldorf; named "Sait".
09/05/2003HS-OGBsub-lt Thaijet.
09/12/2003HS-OGBrgd to Thaijet Intergroup Co. Ltd.
14/12/2003HS-OGBat U-Tapao in basic Atlasjet c/s with "Thaijet" titles and tail logo.
00/00/2004HS-OGBret Atlasjet.
00/07/2004TC-OGGAtlasjet; re-rgd.
17/07/2004TC-OGGat Hannover in 2004 Atlasjet c/s.
24/04/2005TC-OGGat Hamburg with extra 'Jetmil' sticker on aft fuselage (applied after 03/04/2005).
23/03/2006TC-OGGat Leipzig with new tail logo (applied after 08/01/2006).
00/04/2007TC-OGGret to lessor.
23/04/2007N983MQrgd to East Trust-Sub 2, Wilmington, DE.
23/08/2007N983MQat Nimes; performing local test flight.
04/10/2007N983MQregistration cancelled.
00/10/2007CS-TFKlt Euro Atlantic Airways.
13/10/2007CS-TFKferried Nimes-Lisbon in full Euro Atlantic Airways c/s.
01/11/2008CS-TFKoperating Jeddah-London/Gatwick-Ilorin; opf Med-View Airlines.
06/01/2009CS-TFKferried Lagos-Lisbon; after Hadj operations for Med-View Airlines.
19/09/2009CS-TFKferried Lisbon-Jeddah; for Umrah charters for Med-View Airlines.
10/09/2010CS-TFKret to lessor; ferried Lisbon-Bangor-Kingman Airport as MMZ5.
14/09/2010N950PTbt Sunrise Assett Management LLC.
15/09/2010N950PTrgd to Sunrise Assett Management LLC, Las Vegas, NV.
01/10/2010N950PTbt Allegiant Air LLC, Las Vegas, NV.
04/10/2010N950PTat Kingman in basic Euro Atlantic Airways c/s.
19/10/2010N950PTrgd to Allegiant Air LLC, Las Vegas, NV.
25/01/2011N950PTat Kingman in basic Euro Atlantic Airways c/s.
21/07/2011N950PTat Kingman/IGM; on pallets and totally 'gutted'.
08/11/2011N950PTat Kingman/IGM; on pallets and totally 'gutted'.
00/00/2011N950PTat Kingman/IGM; scrapping completed.
09/01/2013N950PTregistration cancelled.
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