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Line number0146
EnginesRolls Royce RB211-535E4
Mode SACDD04
30/08/1987D-AMUVroll out.
21/09/1987D-AMUVfirst flight.
01/10/1987D-AMUVdel Lufttransport Sud.
03/10/1987D-AMUVferried Boeing Field-Munich as LT003 (arrived 04/10/1987).
08/10/1987D-AMUVfirst service: Munich-Ibiza.
01/11/1987D-AMUVcompany renamed LTU Sud.
03/01/1988D-AMUVat London/Gatwick with smart new color scheme.
18/11/1990D-AMUVferried Dusseldorf-London/Heathrow as LT004; to operate Ghana Airways flight GH705 to Accra.
20/11/1990D-AMUVoperating Accra-London/Heathrow-Accra as GH704/705.
24/11/1990D-AMUVferried London/Heathrow-Dusseldorf as GH704/LT005.
00/01/1996D-AMUVat Hamburg in defferent 'Mon Cheri' c/s.
14/02/1996D-AMUVat Arrecife in full LTU c/s.
01/11/1997D-AMUVcompany merged into LTU International.
21/12/1999D-AMUVbt Unicapital Air Group; opb LTU International on lease.
21/07/2000D-AMUVbt LCP LTU LLC; opb LTU International on lease.
11/08/2000D-AMUVbt East Trust-Sub 2; opb LTU International on lease.
27/03/2002N751PAret East Trust-Sub 2.
27/03/2002N751PAlt Pace Airlines in full Travelspan c/s.
21/11/2003N750WLat Winston Salem in 'Hooters Air' c/s.
00/11/2003N750WLsub-lt Hooters Air in full Hooters Air c/s (opb Pace Airlines).
13/03/2005N750WLat Newark; named "The Elle Kate".
00/00/2006N750WLret East Trust-Sub 2.
03/03/2006N750WLarr Victorville; for storage.
14/03/2006N750WLat Victorville in full Hooters Air c/s; stored.
23/07/2006N750WLat Victorville; inside hangar in full Aladia c/s with "" titles.
05/11/2006N750WLat Victorville in full Aladia c/s; stored.
12/02/2007N750WLat Victorville in full Aladia c/s; stored.
23/03/2007XA-DIAlt Aladia.
11/04/2007XA-DIAat Monterrey; in service.
21/10/2008XA-DIAAladia suspended operations.
07/11/2008XA-DIAret to lessor; ferried Monterrey-Brownsville; for storage.
12/12/2008N928MQrgd to East Trust-Sub 2, Wilmington, DE.
11/02/2009N928MQat Lake City in full Aladia c/s; stored.
06/06/2009N928MQferried Lake City-Victorville.
12/11/2009N928MQat Victorville in full Aladia c/s; stored.
20/01/2010N928MQregistration cancelled.
17/03/2010at Victorville; missing both engines, landing gear doors & several parts of wings.
14/04/2010at Victorville; forward fuselage cut off from rest of fuselage.
16/04/2010scrapping completed.
Marcel van Noordenne

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