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Line number0127
Type28A F
EnginesRolls Royce RB211-535E4
Mode SC059D2
24/02/1987G-OOOAroll out.
18/03/1987G-OOOAfirst flight.
01/04/1987G-OOOAdel International Lease Finance Corporation.
01/04/1987G-OOOAlt Air 2000.
03/04/1987G-OOOAarr Manchester as AMM757.
02/11/1989G-OOOAregistration cancelled.
04/11/1989C-FOOAferried London/Luton-Toronto as MMF962.
05/11/1989C-FOOAsub-lt Canada 3000 Airlines.
24/04/1990C-FOOAret Air 2000; ferried Toronto-London/Luton.
25/04/1990G-OOOArgd to Air 2000 Ltd.
26/04/1990G-OOOAr/o at London/Luton as G-OOOA.
10/12/1990G-OOOAregistration cancelled.
10/12/1990C-FOOAsub-lt Canada 3000 Airlines; ferried London/Luton-Toronto.
12/12/1990C-FOOArgd to Canada 3000 Airlines Inc.
23/04/1991C-FOOAret Air 2000.
24/04/1991G-OOOArgd to Air 2000 Ltd.
09/12/1991G-OOOAregistration cancelled.
15/12/1991C-FOOArgd to Canada 3000 Airlines Inc.
16/12/1991C-FOOAsub-lt Canada 3000 Airlines; ferried London/Luton-Toronto.
06/05/1992C-FOOAret Air 2000.
11/05/1992C-FOOAat Manchester with "Air 2000" titles.
30/10/1992C-FOOAarr London/Luton.
04/11/1992C-FOOAsub-lt Canada 3000 Airlines.
30/04/1993C-FOOAferried Toronto-London/Luton.
06/05/1993C-FOOAret Air 2000.
22/10/1993C-FOOAsub-lt Canada 3000 Airlines.
02/05/1994C-FOOAret Air 2000; ferried Toronto-London/Luton.
06/05/1994C-FOOAin service: London/Luton-Tenerife.
31/10/1994C-FOOAferried London/Gatwick-London/Luton; for maintenance.
07/12/1994C-FOOAsub-lt Canada 3000 Airlines; ferried London/Luton-Toronto.
05/04/1995C-FOOAret Air 2000; ferried Toronto-London/Luton.
07/04/1995G-OOOArgd to Air 2000 Ltd.
08/04/1995G-OOOAferried London/Luton-Glasgow; entered service; still wearing Canada 3000 Airlines titles.
20/04/1995G-OOOAarr Shannon; for repaint.
29/09/2002G-OOOAlast service: Ibiza-Manchester as AMM742D; ferried Manchester-London/Luton as AMM757M; for end of lease maintenance.
31/10/2002G-OOOAret MSA V.
07/11/2002G-OOOAferried Manchester-Norwich; for repaint.
15/11/2002G-OOOAferried Norwich-Manchester as AMM757M in all white c/s.
19/11/2002G-OOOAregistration cancelled.
20/11/2002N767ANrgd to MSA V, New York, NY; at Manchester in all white c/s.
21/11/2002N767ANferried Manchester-Fargo-Mojave; for storage.
05/10/2003N767ANat Mojave in all white c/s; stored.
24/10/2003N767ANbt MSA I, New York, NY.
03/11/2003N767ANrgd to MSA I, New York, NY.
10/11/2003N767ANferried Mojave-Tucson.
15/11/2003N767ANferried Tucson-Bogota; for lease to Avianca Colombia and repaint.
00/11/2003N767ANlt Avianca Colombia.
06/12/2003N767ANin service.
27/02/2006N767ANret to lessor; ferried Bogota-Mexico City.
10/10/2006N767ANferried Mexico City-Tucson.
11/10/2006N767ANbt Wells Fargo Bank Northwest; ferried Tucson-Jacksonville/VQQ; for conversion to freighter.
07/11/2006N767ANrgd to Wells Fargo Bank Northwest.
20/02/2007N767ANat Jacksonville/VQQ; conversion to freighter completed.
05/03/2007N767ANregistration cancelled.
05/03/2007PR-LGGlt VarigLog; ferried Jacksonville/VQQ-Miami-Belem-Rio de Janeiro (arrived 06/03/2007).
00/03/2007PR-LGGat Rio de Janeiro in full VarigLog c/s.
00/04/2008PR-LGGret to lessor.
30/04/2008N767ANrgd to Wells Fargo Bank Northwest.
26/10/2008N767ANat Jacksonville/VQQ in full VarigLog c/s; stored.
17/03/2010N767ANat Jacksonville/VQQ in full Arrow Air Cargo c/s.
23/10/2010N767ANat Jacksonville/VQQ in full Arrow Air Cargo c/s; missing both engines and nose cone.
01/10/2011N767ANat Jacksonville/VQQ in full Arrow Air Cargo c/s.
08/12/2011N767ANbt MP Arrow Leasing Ltd.
08/12/2011N767ANbt Bank of Utah.
10/01/2012N767ANrgd to Bank of Utah.
19/02/2012N767ANat Jacksonville/VQQ in all white c/s; stored.
12/07/2012N767ANferried Jacksonville/VQQ-Roswell.
21/01/2013N767ANat Roswell in all white c/s; stored.
28/03/2013N767ANat Roswell in all white c/s; stored.
29/01/2014N767ANferried Roswell-Hamilton in all white c/s.
21/02/2014N767ANregistration cancelled.
28/02/2014C-GIAJat Hamilton in all white c/s with "Cargojet" titles.
03/03/2014C-GIAJrgd to Cargojet Airways Ltd.;'500'.
Marcel van Noordenne

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