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Line number0106
Type2B6 F W
EnginesPratt & Whitney PW2037
Mode S-
19/06/1986CN-RMZroll out.
28/07/1986CN-RMZfirst flight.
07/08/1986CN-RMZdel Royal Air Maroc.
00/00/1986CN-RMZbt Chemco Equipment Finance Ltd.; opb Royal Air Maroc on lease.
15/10/2010CN-RMZat Greensboro; for?
02/04/2011CN-RMZferried Greensboro-Casablanca.
25/10/2011N557CMbt Cargo Aircraft Management.
28/10/2011N557CMrgd to Cargo Aircraft Management, Orlando, FL.
29/10/2011N557CMlt Capital Cargo International Airlines; ferried Casablanca-Bangor-Jacksonville/VQQ as CCI80; for conversion to freighter.
19/02/2012N557CMat Jacksonville/VQQ in basic Royal Air Maroc c/s; stored.
05/02/2013N557CMat Jacksonville/VQQ in full DHL c/s.
26/02/2013N557CMferried Jacksonville/VQQ-Wilmington Air Park in full DHL c/s.
11/03/2013N557CMCapital Cargo International Airlines merged into Air Transport International.
18/06/2013N557CMopf DHL.
20/07/2014N557CMat Cincinnati with blended winglets (installed after 31/05/2014).
02/05/2020N557CMferried Cincinnati/CVG-Wilmington/ILN as ATN557; for storage.
16/08/2021N557CMferried Wilmington/ILN-Hagerstown/HGR under registration.
10/11/2021N557CMferried Hagerstown/HGR-Victorville/VCV as OMD542; for repaint.
16/12/2021N557CMat Victorville/VCV in full Astral Aviation c/s.
18/12/2021N557CMferried Victorville/VCV-Hagerstown/HGR as OMD565 (arrived 19/12/2021).
26/02/2022N557CMferried Hagerstown/HGR-Keflavik/KEF-Alexandria/HBE-Nairobi/NBO as OM565 to KEF, under registration to HBE and NBO (arrived 28/02/2022).
26/07/2022N557CMregistration cancelled.
00/07/20225Y-PNIrgd to Astral Aviation.
24/06/20235Y-PNIlast service: Sharjah/SHJ-Mogadishu/MGQ as ACP404.
30/09/20235Y-PNIferried Mogadishu/MGQ-Nairobi/NBO under registration.
19/12/20235Y-PNIferried Nairobi/NBO-Freetown/FNA-Sal/SID-Bridgetown/BGI-Brownsville/BRO-Coolidge/P08 under registration (arrived 22/12/2023); for part out and scrapping.
05/02/20245Y-PNIat Coolidge/PO8; missing both engines.
22/03/20245Y-PNIat Coolidge/PO8; missing both engines.
Marcel van Noordenne

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