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Line number0116
EnginesRolls Royce RB211-535C
Mode SA8918B
23/10/1986D-AMUTroll out.
21/11/1986D-AMUTfirst flight.
08/12/1986D-AMUTdel Lufttransport Sud (LTS).
09/12/1986D-AMUTferried Boeing Field-Amsterdam-Munich as LT1531A in 10 hours 42 minutes.
01/11/1987D-AMUTcompany renamed LTU Sud.
16/04/1989EC-256lt Lufttransport Espana (LTE); named "Bluebird III".
09/05/1989EC-ENQLTE; re-rgd.
21/04/1991EC-ENQarr London/Heathrow as LTE003; for repaint.
26/04/1991EC-ENQr/o at London/Heathrow in red LTE c/s; dep London/Heathrow as LTE002.
30/09/1994EC-ENQcompany renamed LTE International Airways.
24/02/1997EC-ENQsub-lt Monarch Airlines.
00/09/1997EC-ENQret LTE International Airways.
06/08/1999D-AMUCregistration reserved - never taken up.
00/07/2000EC-ENQbt Aircraft 23651 Inc.; opb LTE International Airways on lease.
00/11/2000EC-HQXLTE International Airways; re-rgd.
24/05/2001EC-HQXLTE International Airways was sold by LTU to a group of Spanish and Italian businessmen.
27/07/2002EC-HQXat Dusseldorf in full LTE International Airways c/s.
25/04/2003EC-HQXat Dusseldorf in basic LTE International Airways c/s without titles.
01/05/2003EC-HQXcompany renamed Volar.
28/05/2003EC-HQXat Manchester in basic LTE International Airways c/s without titles.
15/06/2003EC-HQXat Madrid in basic LTE International Airways c/s with small "Volar" titles near cockpit and Volar tail logo (applied after 08/06/2003).
00/03/2004EC-HQXret Aircraft 23651 Inc.
30/03/2004XU-234rgd to Aircraft 23651 Inc.
01/04/2004XU-234at Guangzhou in basic LTE International Airways c/s with Volar tail logo.
09/05/2004XU-234at Guangzhou in full One-Two-Go Airlines c/s.
29/06/2004XU-234at Guangzhou; for maintenance.
17/07/2004XU-234at Guangzhou; undergoing maintenance at GAMECO.
21/07/2004XU-234at Guangzhou.
03/08/2004XU-234lt One-Two-Go Airlines; arr Bangkok.
09/05/2006HS-BTArgd to Orient Thai Airlines.
12/02/2007HS-BTAat Victorville in full One-Two-Go Airlines c/s; returned to lessor.
30/03/2007HS-BTAregistration cancelled.
05/04/2007N651MGbt & rgd to Memphis Group Inc., Memphis, TN (from Stansted Ltd.).
07/06/2007N651MGat Victorville/VCV; stored.
00/08/2009N651MGscrapping completed by ARC.
04/04/2017N651MGregistration cancelled.

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