Line number0087
EnginesRolls Royce RB211-535E4
Mode SAC81D4
28/03/1986N605RCroll out.
02/05/1986N605RCfirst flight.
19/05/1986N605RCdel Republic Airlines in basic Northwest Airlines c/s with red "Republic" titles and white tail c/s with red "Republic" titles.
19/05/1986N605RCbt Tri-Continental Leasing Company; opb Republic Airlines on lease.
05/06/1986N605RCrgd to Wilmington Trust Company.
15/10/1986N605RCRepublic Airlines merged into Northwest Airlines.
01/05/1987N605RCret Tri-Continental Leasing Company.
11/05/1987N605RClt America West Airlines.
19/05/1987N605RCarr Phoenix in full America West Airlines c/s.
20/05/1987N605RCin service: Phoenix-Chicago-O'Hare.
21/08/1987N905AWAmerica West Airlines; '905'; re-rgd.
00/09/1995N905AWr/o at Phoenix in 'Ohio State Flag' c/s.
01/10/1995N905AWat Las Vegas; named "City of Columbus".
27/09/2005N905AWAmerica West Airlines merged with US Airways into US Airways.
25/10/2006N905AWferried Roswell-Phoenix as AWE7815 in 2005 US Airways c/s with "US Airways" titles.
09/12/2013N905AWUS Airways merged with American Airlines into American Airlines.
19/11/2015N905AWlast service: Cancun-Phoenix as AAL515.
23/11/2015N905AWferried Phoenix-Goodyear as AAL9222; for lease return.
10/12/2015N905AWferried Goodyear-San Bernardino as AAL9221 (TT: 104247 hours; 35889 cycles); for part out and scrapping.
12/07/2016N905AWregistration cancelled.
13/01/2018N905AWat San Bernardino/SBD; for part out and scrapping.
12/11/2018N905AWat San Bernardino/SBD; for part out and scrapping.
01/02/2019N905AWat San Bernardino/SBD; for part out and scrapping.
08/03/2020N905AWat San Bernardino/SBD; for part out and scrapping.
00/00/2020N905AWscrapping completed.
23567/0097 N905AW

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