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Line number0102
EnginesRolls Royce RB211-535E4
Mode S683037
09/05/1986N6067Uroll out.
11/06/1986N6067Ufirst flight.
29/07/1986V8-RBCdel Royal Brunei Airlines.
05/12/1987V8-HB1transferred to Sultan of Brunei.
29/12/1987V8-HB1at London/Heathrow; still in Royal Brunei Airlines c/s.
15/01/1991V8-RBCret Royal Brunei Airlines.
09/04/1995V8-RBCat Hong Kong in all white c/s with "Royal Brunei Airlines" titles.
18/10/1995V8-RBCbt Kazakhstan Airlines.
00/10/1995UN-002Kazakhstan Airlines; not taken up.
21/10/1995V8-RBCat London/Heathrow in full Kazakhstan Airlines c/s.
22/11/1995VR-CRKbt Air Finance Ltd., Grand Cayman; opb Kazakhstan Government on lease.
03/01/1996VR-CRKat Palm Beach; for maintenance.
26/03/1996VR-CRKferried Palm Beach-London/Luton-Almaty.
00/04/1996P4-NSNKazakhstan Government; re-rgd.
19/04/1996P4-NSNferried Boeing Field-London/Heathrow.
01/12/1997P4-NSNtransferred to Orient Eagle Airways; opf Kazakhstan Government.
00/12/1998P4-NSNret Kazakhstan Government.
00/05/2002UN-B5701ret Air Finance Ltd.
00/05/2002UN-B5701bt Berkut Air; opf Kazakhstan Government.
29/01/2007UN-B5701at Madrid in bare metal c/s; missing both engines.
00/09/2008UP-B5701Berkut Air; re-rgd.
17/09/2008UP-B5701in service: Astana-Amsterdam-Toronto.
04/09/2019UP-B5701at Novosibirsk/OVB with "Kazakhstan Air Force" titles (applied after 11/07/2019).
07/10/2020UP-B5701at Almaty/ALA with "Kazakhstan Air Force" titles.
11/02/2023UP-B5701at Almaty/ALA with "Kazakhstan Air Force" titles.
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