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Line number0094
EnginesRolls Royce RB211-535E4
Mode S?
03/04/1986N6666Uroll out.
04/04/21986N6666Uat Renton.
08/04/1986N6666Ufirst flight.
06/05/1986V8-RBAdel Royal Brunei Airlines.
15/08/1993V8-RBAlt Myanmar International Airways.
16/08/1993V8-RBAat Hong Kong in basic Royal Brunei Airlines c/s with "Myanmar" titles and blue tail with a yellow bird.
15/08/1994V8-RBAret Royal Brunei Airlines.
13/08/1995V8-RBAat Hong Kong in all white c/s with "Royal Brunei" titles.
15/09/1999V8-RBAlt Myanmar International Airways.
18/09/1999V8-RBAat Dubai in full Myanmar International Airways c/s.
00/11/1999V8-RBAret Royal Brunei Airlines.
09/12/1999V8-RBAat Dubai in full Royal Brunei Airlines c/s.
13/07/2005V8-RBAferried Sharjah-Kemble as RBA5757 in basic Royal Brunei Airlines c/s without titles; for part-out and scrapping.
04/08/2005G-CDMRrgd to TES (757) Ltd., Mountain Ash, UK.
22/08/2005G-CDMRregistration cancelled.
28/08/2005at Kemble in scrapping area; missing both engines.
15/09/2005at Kemble; scrapping well underway.
17/12/2005at Kemble; fuselage on ground; all doors and windows removed.
12/02/2006at Kemble; only fuselage left (still wearing registration V8-RBA).
00/00/2006scrapping completed.
03/07/2006at Kemble; completely broken up.
Marcel van Noordenne

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