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Line number0079
EnginesRolls Royce RB211-535E4
Mode SAC76AF
00/00/1985VT-EJBIndian Airlines; not taken up.
03/10/1985N602RCroll out.
14/11/1985N602RCfirst flight.
06/12/1985N602RCdel Republic Airways.
19/12/1985N602RCrgd to Meridian Trust Company.
01/10/1986N602RCRepublic Airways merged into Northwest Airlines.
00/00/1986N602RCseen in basic Rebublic Airways c/s with "Northwest" titles and red tail c/s.
29/04/1987N602RCbt Boeing.
22/05/1987N602RClt America West Airlines.
00/11/1987N902AWAmerica West Airlines; '902'; re-rgd.
29/08/1994N902AWr/o at Phoenix in 'Teamwork' c/s, designed by a pilot's 11 year old daughter celebrating the emergence from Chapter 11.
01/03/1997N902AWafter landing at Denver on runway 07, the crew was instructed to contact Ramp control. Ramp control, manned by airport personnel (not ATC) instructed the crew to taxi east on taxiway A S to gate 44. The aircraft was taxied underneath a pedestrian bridge/overpass. The aircraft's vertical stabilizer struck the bridge. According to the company's procedures/directives, aircraft longer than the Airbus A320 were not to be taxied beneath the bridge, and the crew had been so advised via dispatch papers. In addition, a cautionary note in the airport taxi chart advised that the bridge provided for 40 foot tail and 117 foot wing clearance.
30/12/1999N902AWrgd to First Union National Bank; opb America West Airlines on lease.
11/06/2000N902AWferried Amarillo-Phoenix as AWE7815 in 'Teamwork Coast to Coast' c/s.
13/06/2000N902AWin service: Phoenix-?
06/10/2001N902AWferried Phoenix-Goodyear as AWE7731; for storage?
18/03/2002N902AWat Goodyear in full America West Airlines c/s; C-check by AMS.
31/03/2002N902AWferried Goodyear-Phoenix as AWE7839.
01/04/2002N902AWferried Phoenix-San Diego as AWE7830; in service: San Diego-Las Vegas-Baltimore as AWE776.
03/06/2002N902AWrgd to Wachovia Bank; opb America West Airlines on lease.
27/09/2005N902AWAmerica West Airlines merged with US Airways in US Airways.
17/02/2007N902AWferried Roswell-Phoenix as AWE9246 in 2005 US Airways c/s.
19/11/2009N902AWrgd to US Bank, Morristown, NJ; opb US Airways on lease.
09/12/2013N902AWUS Airways merged with American Airlines into American Airlines.
08/01/2016N902AWlast service: Cancun-Phoenix as AAL515.
11/01/2016N902AWferried Phoenix-Goodyear as AAL9223 (TT:104201 hours; 36004 cycles); for lease return.
25/01/2016N902AWbt Bank of Utah.
24/02/2016N902AWrgd to Bank of Utah, Salt Lake City, UT.
09/03/2016N902AWbt AeroTurbine Inc.
09/03/2016N902AWbt Reliance Aircraft International Inc.
03/08/2016N902AWat Goodyear/GYR.
00/00/2017N902AWscrapping completed.
07/03/2018N902AWregistration cancelled.

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