Line number0056
Type2T7 SF
EnginesRolls Royce RB211-535E4
Mode SACFC74
01/02/1985G-MONEroll out.
01/03/1985G-MONEfirst flight.
13/03/1985G-MONEdel Monarch Airlines.
14/03/1985G-MONEferried Boeing Field-London/Luton.
00/11/1995G-MONEr/o at London/Luton in revised c/s with blue stripes, "Renaissance Cruises" titles & 'R' tail logo.
24/11/1995G-MONEferried London/Luton-Newark; named "Renaissance I".
14/04/1996G-MONEret Monarch Airlines; aircraft remains in Renaissance c/s with "Monarch" titles and tail logo.
24/04/1996G-MONEin service: London/Luton-Milan/Malpensa.
25/11/1996G-MONEat Manchester with "Renaissance Cruises" titles and tail logo.
01/12/1996G-MONEferried Manchester-Newark.
02/12/1996G-MONEin service: Newark-London/Gatwick-Mombassa.
09/03/1997G-MONElast service: Nairobi-Newark.
10/03/1997G-MONEferried Newark-London/Luton.
28/03/1997G-MONEferried London/Luton-London/Gatwick; to re-enter service.
09/11/1997G-MONEarr southend; for repaint.
11/11/1997G-MONEr/o at Southend in full Renaissance Cruises c/s.
12/11/1997G-MONEferried Southend-Manchester.
15/03/1998G-MONEarr Southend in full Renaissance Cruises c/s.
17/03/1998G-MONEr/o at Southend in full Monarch Airlines c/s; dep Southend.
17/10/2000G-MONEferried London/Luton-Norwich; for repaint.
28/10/2000G-MONEferried Manchester-New York/JFK; aircraft is in slightly different c/s than last times; routing will be New York/JFK-Manchester-Luxor-Mahe-Luxor-Manchester-New York/JFK.
02/04/2000G-MONEferried New York/JFK-London/Luton (arrived 03/04/1999); after Renaissance Cruises operation.
04/04/2001G-MONEferried London/Luton-Liverpool; to re-enter service.
02/05/2001G-MONEat Larnaca in all white c/s with black "Monarch" titles and black tail logo.
16/08/2001G-MONEat London/Gatwick in all white c/s with black "Monarch" titles and black tail logo.
00/03/2002G-MONEarr Norwich; for repaint.
21/03/2002G-MONEr/o at Norwich in 2002 Monarch Airlines c/s with "www.flymonarch.com" titles on rear fuselage; ferried Norwich-Manchester.
22/03/2002G-MONEin service: Manchester-Tenerife.
29/09/2008N936FDregistration reserved by Federal Express Corporation.
03/11/2008G-MONEwithdrawn from use (TT: 83924 hours; 29049 cycles).
28/11/2008G-MONEregistration cancelled.
01/12/2008N936FDbt Federal Express Corporation (from Regall Assett Development Ltd.).
02/12/2008N936FDrgd to Federal Express Corporation.
03/12/2008N936FDferried Manchester-Shannon as FDX9040.
04/12/2008N936FDferried Shannon-Bangor-Victorville as FDX9040 (arrived 05/12/2008).
17/10/2009N936FDat Victorville in basic Monarch Airlines c/s; stored.
00/11/2009N936FDdep Victorville.
18/11/2009N936FDferried Sapporo-Singapore in basic Monarch Airlines c/s; for conversion to freighter.
25/04/2010N936FDferried Singapore-Kuala Lumpur-Anchorage-Memphis as FDX9086 in full FedEx c/s (arrived 26/04/2010)
02/06/2010N936FDat Reno; named "Piper".
23293/0056 G-MONE
23293/0056 G-MONE

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