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Line number0104
EnginesPratt & Whitney PW2037
Mode SA6798C
28/05/1986N516USroll out.
20/06/1986N516USfirst flight.
08/07/1986N516USdel Northwest Orient Airlines; '5516'; named "City of San Diego".
24/09/1986N516USbt NEMLC Leasing Associates; opb Northwest Orient Airlines on lease.
01/10/1986N516UScompany renamed Northwest Airlines.
05/11/1986N516USbt First Bank of Boston, Boston, MA; opb Northwest Airlines on lease.
16/03/2001N516USrgd to State Street Bank & Trust Company.
04/04/2003N516USferried Minneapolis-Marana as NWA9868; for storage.
08/06/2003N516USdep Marana; after storage.
22/04/2004N516USat Las Vegas in 2003 Northwest Airlines c/s (repainted after 26/02/2004).
01/02/2005N516USrgd to US Bank, Boston, MA.
17/05/2006N516USlast service: Memphis-Minneapolis as NWA451.
19/05/2006N516USferried Minneapolis-Marana as NWA9750 (TT: 63761 hours; 26452 cycles).
07/06/2006N516USferried Marana-Minneapolis as NWA9869.
08/06/2006N516USin service: Minneapolis-Detroit as NWA754.
15/06/2006N516USbt & rgd to Northwest Airlines Inc.
29/10/2008N516USNorthwest Airlines merged into Delta Air Lines.
18/07/2010N516USat Marana in Northwest Airlines c/s (arrived after 04/05/2010).
07/10/2011N516USat Marana in basic Northwest Airlines c/s; stored.
27/01/2013N516USat Marana; stored.
25/10/2013N516USat Marana in basic Northwest Airlines c/s; missing both engines; stored.
15/12/2013N516USat Marana; stored.
13/11/2015N516USat Marana; stored.
31/01/2016N516USat Marana without titles and tail logo; missing both engines; missing nose cone; windows taped off; stored.
00/00/2016?N516USscrapping completed.
21/07/2017N516USregistration cancelled.
Marcel van Noordenne


  1. Wow, that aircraft has been in Marana for a long time ….. thanks for the info!

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