Line number0019
EnginesRolls Royce RB211-535E4
Mode S40046F
24/03/1983G-MONDroll out.
29/04/1983G-MONDfirst flight.
16/05/1983G-MONDdel Monarch Airlines.
17/05/1983G-MONDferried Boeing Field-London/Luton as OM734
06/11/1989G-MONDlt Australian Airlines.
29/03/1990G-MONDret Monarch Airlines.
17/04/1990D-ABNZlt Deutsche Leasing AG.
17/04/1990D-ABNZsub-lt Condor; ferried London/Luton-Frankfurt.
01/05/1992D-ABNZferried Frankfurt-London/Luton.
13/05/1992G-MONDret Monarch Airlines.
15/05/1992G-MONDin service: : London/Luton-Mahon.
11/12/2004G-MONDat Ivalo in 2002 Monarch Airlines c/s (repainted after 01/11/2004).
27/04/2007G-MONDat London/Luton in basic Monarch Airlines c/s with "Hedkandi"
billboard titles and tail c/s.
26/12/2007G-MONDat Ivalo in full Monarch Airlines c/s (Hedkani titles/tail logo removed after 23/11/2007).
11/01/2009G-MONDferried London/Gatwick-Manchester as MON949P; prior to part out and scrapping.
21/01/2009G-MONDferried Manchester-Kemble; for part out and scrapping.
27/01/2009G-MONDregistration cancelled.
26/02/2009at Kemble; slowly being dismantled.
23/04/2009at Kemble; scrapping completed.
22960/0019 G-MOND
22960/0019 G-MOND

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