Line number0111
Type232 F
EnginesPratt & Whitney PW2037
Mode SA81693
04/09/1986N620DLroll out.
06/10/1986N620DLfirst flight.
05/11/1986N620DLdel Delta Air Lines; '620'.
22/12/1986N620DLbt Bank of Tokyo Trust Company; opb Delta Air Lines on lease.
12/01/1987N620DLrgd to Wilmington Trust Company.
00/09/2002N620DLat Boston in 2000 Delta Air Lines c/s with "Delta" titles.
22/08/2007N620DLat Atlanta in basic Delta Air Lines c/s without titles and tail logo; missing both engines.
11/09/2007N620DLbt 757 Aircraft One LLC, Orlando, FL.
17/09/2007N620DLrgd to 757 Aircraft One LLC, Orlando, FL.
22/10/2007N620DLat Jacksonville (VQQ); being converted to freighter.
19/01/2008N620DLperforming an acceptance flight at Jacksonville.
03/05/2008N620DLat Jacksonville in full Capital Cargo International Airlines c/s; named "Captain Jack Roberts".
12/05/2008N620DLlt Capital Cargo International Airlines; ferried Jacksonville-Orlando as CCI620.
28/12/2009N620DLrgd to Cargo Aircraft Management Inc., Orlando, FL; opb Capital Cargo International Airlines on lease.
07/01/2011N620DLat Miami; no longer named "Captain Jim Roberts".
11/03/2013N620DLCapital Cargo International Airlines ceased operations; aircraft transferred to Air Transport International.
25/08/2014N620DLat Los Angeles without titles (Capital Cargo International Airlines removed after 25/07/2013).
01/04/2015N620DLat Portland in full DHL c/s (repainted after 20/02/2015).
28/12/2019N620DLferried Cincinnati/CVG-Wilmington/ILN as ATN620; for storage.
27/11/2020N620DLat Wilmington/ILN; missing both engines.

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