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Line number0018
EnginesRolls Royce RB211-535E4
Mode S40046E
07/03/1983G-MONCroll out.
12/04/1983G-MONCfirst flight.
15/04/1983G-MONCrgd to Monarch Airlines Ltd.
25/04/1983G-MONCdel Monarch Airlines.
26/04/1983G-MONCferried Boeing Field-London/Luton as OM743.
08/11/1988G-MONCferried London/Luton-Palma as HSL004P in basic Monarch Airlines c/s with "Hispania" titles and all white tail c/s.
09/11/1988G-MONClt Lineas Aereas Hispania.
22/12/1988EC-211Lineas Aereas Hispania; re-rgd.
08/03/1989EC-211arr London/Luton as HSL001P.
14/03/1989G-MONCret Monarch Airlines.
04/04/1990D-ABNYlt Deutsche Leasing AG.
04/04/1990D-ABNYsub-lt Condor.
09/04/1990D-ABNYarr Frankfurt.
22/03/1992D-ABNYferried Frankfurt-London/Luton.
25/03/1992D-ABNYret Monarch Airlines.
07/04/1992G-MONCMonarch Airlines; re-rgd.
13/04/1992G-MONCin service: London/Luton-Luxor.
30/04/1996G-MONClast service: Leipzig-London/Luton.
04/05/1996G-MONClt Air Holland (wet-lease); ferried London/Luton-Amsterdam.
05/05/1996G-MONCat Amsterdam in basic Monarch Airlines c/s without titles.
00/05/1996G-MONCr/o at Madrid in full Air Holland c/s.
29/05/1996G-MONCat Palma in full Air Holland c/s.
13/01/1997G-MONCferried Amsterdam-London/Luton; for maintenance.
29/04/1997G-MONClast service as G-MONC: Amsterdam-London/Luton.
30/04/1997G-MONCregistration cancelled.
01/05/1997PH-AHOAir Holland; re-rgd (aircraft now on dry lease).
03/05/1997PH-AHOferried London/Luton-Amsterdam.
01/11/1997PH-AHOsub-lt Air Gabon in Air Holland c/s without titles.
10/01/1998PH-AHOret Air Holland.
28/04/1999PH-AHOret Monarch Airlines; ferried Amsterdam-London/Luton.
29/04/1999PH-AHOregistration cancelled,
29/04/1999G-MONCrgd to Monarch Airlines Ltd.
02/05/1999G-MONCarr Southend as PH-AHO; new registration applied.
08/05/1999G-MONCferried Southend-London/Gatwick in full Monarch Airlines c/s.
09/05/1999G-MONCin service: London/Gatwick-Dalaman.
00/05/2002G-MONCat Faro in new Monarch Airlines c/s.
22/05/2002G-MONCaircraft got damaged at Gibraltar in a landing accident. A brake problem caused a rapid de-rotation onto the nose gear. The aircraft, which has ripples and skin tear, is the world's highest-cycle Boeing 757. It may, or may not be repaired. However if repaired it will be out of service for several months. Boeing engineers have been flown in from Seattle to access the aircraft's condition.
23/07/2002G-MONCferried Gibraltar-London/Luton as MON757P after repairs by Boeing.
27/07/2002G-MONCferried London/Luton-Bristol/Filton as MON757P; for repaint.
11/11/2002G-MONCat Rotterdam in 2002 Monarch Airlines c/s; operating MON9196 for Newcastle United.
21/11/2008G-MONCferried Manchester-Lasham as MON757P; for part-out and scrapping.
25/11/2008G-MONCregistration cancelled.
00/00/2009broken up at Lasham.
08/02/2009part of fuselage left via road.
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