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Line number0155
Type225 F
EnginesRolls Royce RB211-535E4
Mode SAD1160
01/11/1987N527EAroll out.
25/11/1987N527EAfirst flight.
00/12/1987N527EAdel Eastern Air Lines; not taken up.
10/12/1987N907AWdel America West Airlines.
24/12/1987N907AWbt State Farm Insurance Company; opb America West Airlines on lease.
19/01/1993N907AWat Phoenix in all white c/s; stored.
19/02/1993N907AWrepossessed by State Farm Insurance Company.
19/02/1993N907AWbt CIT Leasing Company.
15/07/1993N907AWperformed at test flight at Phoenix; registration N907AW removed and registration XA-SED masked on for painting.
00/07/1993XA-SEDTAESA - not taken up.
16/07/1993XA-TCDlt TAESA.
24/04/1994XA-TCDret CIT Leasing Company.
26/04/1994XA-TCDat Phoenix.
28/04/1994N907AWrgd to State Street Bank & Trust Company.
29/04/1994N907AWlt America West Airlines.
16/05/1994N907AWr/o at Phoenix in 'Phoenix Suns' c/s.
17/05/1994N907AWin service: Phoenix-Orange County.
19/09/2003N907AWlast service in 'Phoenix Suns' c/s: Las Vegas-Phoenix as HP716.
20/09/2003N907AWferried Phoenix-Roswell as HP7818; for repaint.
23/09/2003N907AWferried Roswell-Phoenix as 7808 in standard America West Airlines c/s.
01/10/2003N907AWin service: Phoenix-Los Angeles as HP708.
16/04/2004N907AWrgd to US Bank, Boston, MA; opb America West Airlines on lease.
27/09/2005N907AWAmerica West Airlines merged with US Airways into US Airways.
10/12/2005N907AWlast service: Sacramento-Phoenix as HP883.
11/12/2005N907AWret to lessor; ferried Phoenix-Goodyear as AWE7704; for storage.
30/04/2006N907AWat Goodyear in full America West Airlines c/s.
05/05/2006N907AWbt CIT Leasing.
15/05/2006N907AWregistration cancelled.
15/05/2006TF-LLZlt Icelandair.
25/05/2006TF-LLZferried Goodyear-Mexico City as ICE8151.
17/07/2006TF-LLZopb Loftleidir Icelandic.
23/07/2006TF-LLZat Dublin in basic Icelandair c/s with "Loftleidir Icelandic" titles and tail logo.
19/02/2007TF-LLZsub-lt Girjet; ferried Keflavik-Norwich as GJT001P; for repaint.
26/02/2007TF-LLZat Norwich in full Girjet c/s.
27/10/2007TF-LLZseized by Chad government; apparently the aircraft was being used for transportation of children out Chad.
10/01/2008TF-LLZferried Ndjamena-Madrid.
00/03/2008TF-LLZret Icelandair.
00/03/2008TF-LLYIcelandair; re-rgd.
27/03/2008TF-LLYsub-lt Ghana International in basic Girjet c/s without titles; ferried Keflavik-London/Gatwick.
01/04/2008TF-LLYferried London/Gatwick-Norwich.
03/04/2008TF-LLYferried Norwich-London/Gatwick with "Ghana" titles.
29/05/2008TF-LLYret Icelandair.
04/06/2008TF-LLYferried London/Gatwick-Keflavik.
08/06/2008TF-LLYat Amsterdam in basic Girjet c/s without titles and no tail logo.
12/06/2008TF-LLYsub-lt Ghana International; ferried Keflavik-London/Gatwick.
00/00/2008TF-LLYret Icelandair.
00/07/2008TF-LLYsub-lt Gadair European Airlines.
17/07/2008TF-LLYat Madrid in basic Girjet c/s with "Gadair" titles and tail logo (applied after 12/07/2008).
00/11/2008TF-LLYdep Madrid; for Hadj operations with Air Niamey.
02/12/2008TF-LLYferried Jeddah-Madrid; after Hadj operations.
28/03/2009TF-LLYat Madrid in basic Girjet c/s with "Sylhet" titles & 'Akal Air' tail logo.
31/03/2009TF-LLYferried Madrid-Vienna as SHR001P.
02/04/2009TF-LLYferried Vienna-Birmingham as SHR002.
04/04/2009TF-LLYin service: Birmingham-Vienna-Amritsar.
04/05/2009TF-LLYret Gadair; ferried Birmingham-Madrid.
22/05/2009TF-LLYret Icelandair; ferried Madrid-Keflavik.
30/05/2009TF-LLYat Victorville in basic Girjet c/s.
00/06/2009TF-LLYret to lessor.
26/06/2009N941FDrgd to CIT Leasing Corporation.
30/06/2009N941FDbt Federal Express Corporation.
16/07/2009N941FDrgd to Federal Express Corporation.
17/10/2009N941FDat Victorville in basic Girjet c/s; stored.
23/02/2010N941FDat Victorville in basic Girjet c/s; stored.
14/10/2010N941FDat Victorville; missing both engines.
09/11/2010N941FDferried Victorville-Mobile as FDX9019; for conversion to freighter.
26/09/2011N941FDstart of conversion to freighter.
12/03/2012N941FDconversion to freighter completed at Mobile.
12/04/2012N941FDat Richmond in full FedEx c/s; in service.
20/10/2013N941FDat Fort Worth AFB; named "Erika".
10/10/2023N941FDlast service: Austin/AUS-Memphis/MEM as FDX615; ferried Memphis/MEM-Victorville/VCV as FDX9030; for part out and scrapping.
Marcel van Noordenne

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