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Line number0114
EnginesRolls Royce RB211-535E4
Mode SAD1517
03/10/1986N523EAroll out.
05/11/1986N523EAfirst flight.
26/11/1986N523EAdel Eastern Air Lines; '523'.
29/09/1988N523EAaborted take-off at San Jose, Costa Rica; the undercarriage collapsed and the aircraft was substantially damaged.
07/04/1990N523EAferried Bangor-London/Stansted as AMM757P.
20/04/1990N523EAbt United Aviation Services Inc.
20/04/1990G-OOOMlt & rgd to Air 2000 Ltd.
12/05/1990G-OOOMferried London/Stansted-London/Gatwick as AMM162P.
00/10/1991G-OOOMbt Airfund Corporation (CIT Group); opb Air 2000 on lease.
10/10/1996G-OOOMlast service: Lanzarote-Manchester.
24/10/1996G-OOOMr/o at Manchester in Blue Scandinavia c/s.
31/10/1996G-OOOMret Airfund Corporation.
01/11/1996G-OOOMregistration cancelled.
03/11/1996SE-DUNlt Blue Scandinavia; ferried Manchester-Stockholm as TWE006.
06/11/1996SE-DUNrgd to First Security Bank of Utah; opb Blue Scandinavia on lease.
01/01/1998SE-DUNcompany changed name to Britannia Airways AB.
31/07/1998SE-DUNsub-lt Britannia; based at Newcastle.
00/04/1999SE-DUNret Britannia Airways AB.
17/10/1999SE-DUNlast service: Rhodes-Stockholm/Arlanda as BLX252.
18/10/1999SE-DUNferried Stockholm/Arlanda-London/Luton.
00/10/1999SE-DUNat London/Luton; titles and tail log removed while undergoing maintenance.
00/11/1999SE-DUNat London/Luton; parked outside early November; 10 days later aircraft returned into hangar to fix fuel leak.
14/11/1999SE-DUNret Airfund Corporation.
26/11/1999SE-DUNferried London/Luton-Maastricht/Aachen as BY999F; for repaint.
04/12/1999SE-DUNferried Maastricht/Aachen-London/Luton as BY990F in full Air 2000 c/s with extra "" titles.
07/12/1999SE-DUNferried London/Luton-Manchester as BY757F.
13/12/1999SE-DUNregistration cancelled.
14/12/1999G-OOOMlt & rgd to Air 2000 Ltd.
16/12/1999G-OOOMin service: Manchester-Arrecife.
25/01/2003G-OOOMferried Manchester-Abu Dhabi as AMM757M; for heavy maintenance by GAMCO & storage.
11/06/2003G-OOOMferried Abu Dhabi-Manchester as AMM757M.
03/07/2003G-OOOMin service: Manchester-Faro as AMM835C.
01/11/2003G-OOOMlast service: Alicante-Manchester as AMM807.
21/11/2003G-OOOMferried Manchester-Norwich as AMM757M.
30/11/2003G-OOOMferried Norwich-Manchester as AMM100M in all white c/s without titles.
01/12/2003G-OOOMregistration cancelled.
00/12/2003TF-ARKlt Air Atlanta Icelandic.
03/12/2003TF-ARKat Manchester in all white c/s.
06/12/2003TF-ARKferried Manchester-Gander as ABP43P.
10/12/2003 ?TF-ARKferried Gander-Marana as ABD37P; for storage (could this be TF-ARK?).
20/04/2004TF-ARKferried Marana-Keflavik-Shannon as ABD46P.
22/04/2004TF-ARKferried Shannon-Manston.
31/05/2004TF-ARKat Manchester in full Excel Airways c/s with "" titles.
00/11/2004TF-ARKret Air Atlanta Icelandic.
05/11/2004TF-ARKferried London/Gatwick-Gander as ABD46P.
06/11/2004TF-ARKferried Gander-Marana as ABD46P.
24/12/2004TF-ARKferried Marana-Gander-Algiers as ABP46P (arrived 25/12/2004); for sub-lt Air Algeria.
00/12/2004TF-ARKsub-lt Air Algeria,
10/01/2005TF-ARKat Paris/Charles de Gaulle in Excel Airways c/s without titles & tail logo.
00/00/2005TF-ARKret Air Atlanta Icelandic.
00/05/2005TF-ARKsub-lt Excel Airways.
11/06/2005TF-ARKat Manchester in Excel Airways c/s with "Excel Airways" titles and '' titles on engine cowlings.
17/11/2005TF-ARKret Air Atlanta Europe; ferried London/Gatwick-Lasham as XLA056P; for maintenance.
23/11/2005G-VKNDreg to Excel Airways Ltd.
03/12/2005G-VKNDferried Lasham-London/Gatwick.
01/05/2006G-VKNDAir Atlanta Europe merged into Excel Airways.
03/06/2006G-VKNDat Malta with "" titles in tail (was "Excel" titles; applied after 10/04/2006).
00/11/2006G-VKNDcompany renamed XL Airways.
16/03/2007G-VKNDferried London/Gatwick-Bristol/Filton as XLA170P; for repaint.
20/03/2007G-VKNDferried Bristol/Filton-Manchester as XLA1717P in full XL Airways c/s.
00/09/2007G-VKNDret to lessor.
10/12/2007G-VKNDferried Southend--Manchester asXLA077P in XL Airways c/s.
18/12/2007G-VKNDferried Manchester-Goodyear as XLA9000.
19/12/2007G-VKNDregistration cancelled.
02/02/2008XA-CUNat Goodyear in full Aladia c/s.
26/02/2008XA-CUNlt Aladia; ferried Goodyear-Monterrey.
21/10/2008XA-CUNAladia suspended operations.
06/02/2009N226CLrgd to Wells Fargo Bank Northwest.
23/02/2009N226CLat Marana in Aladia c/s; stored.
00/03/2009N226CLferried Marana-Victorville.
27/03/2009N226CLat Victorville in full Aladia c/s; stored.
17/09/2009N226CLbt CIT Corporation.
17/09/2009N226CLbt Federal Express Corporation.
24/09/2009N226CLrgd to Federal Express Corporation.
17/10/2009N226CLat Victorville in full Aladia c/s; stored.
23/02/2010N226CLat Victorville in full Aladia c/s; stored.
13/10/2010N226CLferried Victorville-Mobile as FDX9019; for conversion to freighter.
29/11/2010N942FDregistration reserved by Federal Express Corporation.
03/01/2011N942FDFederal Express Corporation; re-rgd.
31/10/2011N942FDstart of conversion to freighter.
21/02/2012N942FDscheduled completion of conversion to freighter.
02/06/2012N942FDferried Mobile-New Iberia; for repaint.
12/06/2012N942FDferried New Iberia-Memphis in full FedEx c/s; '942'; named "Kylie".
16/01/2024N942FDlast service: Oakland/OAK-Las Vegas/LAS as FDX1874.
17/01/2024N942FDferried Las Vegas/LAS-Victorville/VCV as FDX9030; for part out and scrapping.

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