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Line number0074
Type225 F
EnginesRolls Royce RB211-535E4
Mode SA3574F
31/07/1985N521EAroll out.
29/10/1985N521EAfirst flight.
06/12/1985N521EAdel Eastern Air Lines; '521'.
18/12/1985N521EAbt Wilmington Trust Company.
18/01/1991N521EAEastern Air Lines stopped all activities at midnight.
18/03/1991N521EAret Wilmington Trust Company (GATX).
17/04/1991N521EAat Atlanta; stored.
04/10/1991N521EAlt Air 2000; ferried Bangor-London/Luton for extensive modifications & refurbishment.
23/12/1991N521EAat London/Luton in basic Air 2000 c/s with registration G-OOOV visible under wing; parked.
12/02/1992G-OOOVrgd to Air 2000 Ltd.
22/10/1997G-OOOVat Rotterdam with "Air 2000, the first 10 years, 11th April 1997" sticker near middle door.
03/11/2001G-OOOVlast service: Palma-Manchester as AMM255.
04/11/2001G-OOOVferried Manchester-Bristol/Filton as AMM757F; for storage.
02/04/2002G-OOOVferried Bristol/Filton-Manchester as AMM757M; for maintenance.
30/04/2002G-OOOVferried Manchester-Norwich as AMM757M; for repaint.
01/05/2002G-OOOVret GATX Leasing Corporation.
10/05/2002G-OOOVferried Norwich-Southend as AMM757P in all white c/s without titles; for storage.
05/09/2002G-OOOVferried Southend-Manston as AMM757T; for continued storage.
09/09/2002G-OOOVat Manston.
27/09/2002G-OOOVregistration cancelled.
27/09/2002TF-ARDlt Air Atlanta Icelandic.
02/11/2002TF-ARDferried Manston-Bangor-Marana as ABD37P; for maintenance & repaint.
27/01/2003TF-ARDat Marana in all white c/s.
19/03/2003TF-ARDferried Marana-Keflavik-Manchester as ABD850 in basic Excel Airways c/s with Air Atlanta Icelandic" titles (arrived 20/03/2003).
10/04/2003TF-ARDat Manchester in full Excel Airways c/s.
02/11/2003TF-ARDret Air Atlanta Icelandic; ferried Manchester-Manston as ABD037P.
00/11/2003TF-ARDat Manston in basic Excel Airways c/s without titles.
26/12/2003 ?TF-ARDat Marana in white fuselage c/s with blue tail and blue engine cowlings (could this be TF-ARK?).
14/02/2004TF-ARDat Tenerife with "" titles.
26/04/2005TF-ARDat Shannon in full Excel Airways c/s; parked.
23/06/2005TF-ARDat Manchester in Excel Airways c/s, "Excel Airways" titles & '' on engine cowlings.
01/11/2005TF-ARDret Air Atlanta Icelandic.
02/11/2005TF-ARDferried London/Gatwick-Shannon; parked.
12/04/2006TF-ARDr/o at Shannon with "" titles on tail and engine cowlings; wearing registration G-VKNB.
20/04/2006TF-ARDregistration cancelled.
20/04/2006G-VKNBrgd to Excel Airways Ltd.
21/04/2006G-VKNBferried Shannon-London/Gatwick.
01/05/2006G-VKNBAir Atlanta Europe merged into Excel Airways.
22/11/2006G-VKNBret to lessor.
22/11/2006G-VKNBregistration cancelled.
29/11/2006N314STbt Wells Fargo Bank Northwest (from Aeroturbine Inc).
06/12/2006N314STrgd to Wells Fargo Bank Northwest.
00/00/0000N314STarr Jacksonville (VQQ).
00/00/2007N314STconverted to freighter.
07/04/2007N314STat Jacksonville; performed local test flight.
17/04/2007N314STregistration cancelled.
00/04/2007PR-LGHlt VarigLog.
08/03/2008PR-LGHret to lessor; ferried Ilha de Sal-Jacksonville (VQQ).
00/05/2008PR-LGHlt VarigLog.
24/05/2008PR-LGHin service: Sao Paulo-?
00/03/2010PR-LGHret to lessor.
24/03/2010N314STrgd to Wells Fargo Bank Northwest.
25/06/2010N314STbt Aerolease 757 MSN 22211 LLC, Plano, TX.
24/08/2010N314STrgd to Aerolease 757 MSN 22211 LLC.
23/10/2010N314STat Jacksonville in all white c/s.
07/09/2011N314STferried Jacksonville-East Midlands-Bahrein in all white c/s (arrived 08/09/2011).
14/09/2011N314STregistration cancelled.
00/09/2011A9C-DHClt DHL International Aviation.
18/02/2013A9C-DHCat Shannon; still in all white c/s.
28/09/2013A9C-DHCat Dubai in full yellow/red DHL c/s (repainted after 25/04/2013).
30/03/2017A9C-DHCferried Bahrain-Shannon as DHX901.
31/03/2017A9C-DHCferried Shannon-Halifax as DHX902.
03/04/2017A9C-DHCferried Halifax-San Jose as DHX903; for lease to DHL Aero Expreso.
16/06/2017N314STrgd to Aerolease 757 MSN 22211 LLC, Dallas, TX.
19/12/2017N314STferried San Jose/SJO-Tucson under registration.
04/01/2017N314STferried Tucson-Goodyear under registration; for storage.
02/08/2018N314STrgd to TVPX Aircraft Solutions Inc.
12/11/2018N314STat Goodyear/GYR in all white c/s; stored.
21/06/2019N314STferried Goodyear/GYR-Phoenix/PHX-Keflavik/KEF-Budapest/BUD under registration; for ?
06/01/2020N314STat Budapest/BUD in all white c/s; missing both engines; stored.
31/07/2020N314STat Budapest/BUD in all white c/s; missing both engines; stored.
00/00/2021VH-___for Pacific Air Express - not taken up
22/01/2022N314STat Budapest/BUD in all white c/s; missing both engines; for part out and scrapping.

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