Line number0042
Type225 F
EnginesRolls Royce RB211-535E4
Mode SA233C1
13/07/1984N520EAroll out.
22/10/1984N520EAfirst flight.
30/11/1984N520EAdel Eastern Air Lines; '520'.
15/03/1985N520EAbt Wilmington Trust Company; opb Eastern Air Lines on lease.
18/01/1991N520EAEastern Air Lines stopped all activities at midnight.
18/03/1991N520EAret Wilmington Trust Company.
00/00/1991N520EAat Marana; withdrawn from use and stored.
02/02/1992N520EAat Marana in full Eastern Air Lines c/s; stored.
29/10/1992N520EAarr Phoenix in full Eastern Air Lines c/s.
01/11/1992N520EAlt US Air.
04/11/1992N520EAstripped of its Eastern Air Lines c/s.
07/12/1992N618AUUS Air; re-rgd.
27/02/1997N618AUcompany renamed US Airways.
09/02/2003N618AUferried Pittsburgh-Mojave as US9297; for storage.
30/09/2004N618AUret to lessor; ferried Mojave-Wichita in basic US Airways c/s without titles.
04/10/2004N618AUbt Rubloff 757 930RD LLC.
06/10/2004N618AUferried Wichita-Lake City.
01/11/2004N618AUrgd to Rubloff 757 930RD LLC, Wichita, KS (opb Ryan International Airlines).
04/01/2005N930RDregistration reserved by Rubloff 757 930RD LLC.
12/03/2005N618AUat Chicago in white c/s with dark blue tail and "Ryan" titles on fuselage.
06/06/2005N930RDRubloff 757 930RD LLC; re-rgd.
18/06/2005N930RDat Manchester in basic Rubloff c/s, Rubloff tail logo and "Ryan" titles.
28/10/2005N930RDsub-lt Ghana International Airlines in full Ghana International Airlines c/s; ferried Marana-Wichita-Rockford-London/Gatwick-Accra.
29/10/2005N930RDin service: Accra-London/Gatwick as GO101.
14/04/2006N930RDferried London/Gatwick-Goose Bay-Miami as RYN6930 in full Ghana International Airlines c/s.
14/05/2006N930RDat London/Gatwick; in service.
18/12/2006N930RDret Ryan International Airlines.
19/01/2007N930RDbt Wells Fargo Bank Northwest.
29/01/2007N930RDrgd to Wells Fargo Bank Northwest.
00/00/2007N930RDconverted to freighter at Jacksonville (VQQ).
22/06/2007N930RDregistration cancelled.
22/06/2007PR-LGJlt VarigLog; ferried Jacksonville-Miami-Rio de Janeiro (arrived 23/06/2007).
00/00/2010PR-LGJret to lessor.
02/07/2010N241ALbt Aerolease 757 22210 LLC.
07/07/2010N241ALrgd to Aerolease 757 22210 LLC, Plano, TX.
00/00/2010N241ALarr Jacksonville (VQQ) in full VarigLog c/s.
23/10/2010N241ALat Jacksonville (VQQ) in full VarigLog c/s; stored.
01/10/2011N241ALat Jacksonville (VQQ) in full VarigLog c/s; stored.
21/12/2012N241ALferried Jacksonville-East Midlands-Bahrein (arrived 22/12/2012).
31/12/2012N241ALregistration cancelled.
31/12/2012A9C-DHElt DHL International Aviation.
19/08/2018A9C-DHElast service: Bahrain/BAH-Leipzig/LEJ as DHX548; ferried Leipzig/LEJ-Shannon/SNN as DHX902F.
27/08/2018A9C-DHEferried Shannon/SNN-Bangor/BGR-Goodyear/GYR as DHX901 (arrived 28/08/218); for lease return and storage.
18/10/2018N241ALrgd to Aerolease 757 MSN 22210 LLC.
09/01/2019N241ALat Goodyear/GYR in all white c/s; missing both engines and tires wrapped up.
27/10/2019N241ALat Goodyear/GYR; most usable part removed; still standing on landing gear.
22210/0042 N930RD

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