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Line number0031
EnginesRolls Royce RB211-535E4
Mode S?
13/12/1983N516EAroll out.
03/02/1984N516EAfirst flight.
26/02/1984N516EAdel Eastern Air Lines; '516'.
00/05/1985N516EAbt Connecticut National Bank; opb Eastern Air Lines on lease.
18/01/1991N516EAEastern Air Lines stopped all activities at midnight.
18/03/1991N516EAret Connecticut National Bank.
00/00/1991N516EAat Marana; withdrawn from use & stored.
02/02/1992N516EAat Marana in full Eastern Air Lines c/s; stored.
01/04/1992N516EAbt Aeronautics Leasing Inc., Denver, CO.
08/05/1992N516EAarr Toronto in Eastern Air Lines c/s; wa son delivery from Mojave to Montreal/Mirabel but had to divert after developing engine problems and a cracked window at 41000 feet.
10/05/1992N516EAdep Montreal.Mirabel; for repaint.
26/05/1992C-FNXNlt Nationair (rgd to Nolisair International Inc.).
22/03/1993C-FNXNNationair filed for bankruptcy.
01/04/1993C-FNXNNationair ceased operations.
00/05/1993C-FNXNret Aeronautics Leasing Inc.
30/06/1993C-FNXNregistration cancelled.
00/06/1993N7079SAeronautics Leasing Inc.; re-rgd.
14/07/1993TC-GENbt Birgenair; ferried Keflavik-Istanbul.
00/00/1993TC-GENlt Caribbean Airways.
31/10/1993TC-GENat Frankfurt in Birgenair c/s with "Caribbean Airways" titles.
00/00/1994TC-GENret Birgenair.
30/04/1994TC-GENat Dusseldorf; still wearing "Caribbean Airways" c/s.
19/12/19948P-GULlt Caribbean Airways.
22/12/19948P-GULat Hamburg in Birgenair c/s with "Caribbean Airways" titles.
31/03/1995TC-GENret Birgenair.
06/02/1996TC-GENcrashed into the sea near the Dominican Republic shortly after take-off from Puerto Plata as flight ALW301; all 176 passengers and 13 crew members died (29269 hours; 23499 cycles).
Marcel van Noordenne

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