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Line number0012
EnginesRolls Royce RB211-535E4
Mode SACB9F1
04/11/1982N508EAroll out.
27/01/1983N508EAfirst flight.
18/02/1983N508EAdel Eastern Air Lines; '508'.
18/01/1991N508EAEastern Air Lines stopped all activities at midnight.
12/07/1991N508EAbt General Electric Capital Corporation.
29/07/1991N508EArgd to State Street Bank & trust Company.
09/06/1992N508EAat Phoenix in full Eastern Air Lines c/s.
16/07/1992N508EAat Phoenix in full US Air c/s.
25/07/1992N603AUlt US Air.
27/02/1997N603AUcompany renamed US Airways.
20/12/1998N603AUat San Jose in 1998 US Airways c/s.
14/02/2005N603AUrgd to US Bank, Boston, VA.; opb US Airways on lease.
27/09/2005N603AUUS Airways merged into America West Airlines; new company operates as US Airways.
11/05/2006N903UWregistration reserved by US Bank; not taken up.
00/09/2006N603AUregistration cancelled.
15/09/2006N919UWat Charlotte in 1997 US Airways c/s.
27/09/2006N919UWofficial re-registration date.
08/11/2007N919UWat Las Vegas in 2005 US Airways c/s (repainted after 28/07/2007).
18/08/2009N919UWlast service:
00/08/2009N919UWret to lessor.
00/00/2009N919UWat Victorville.
00/00/0000N919UWferried Victorville-Greenwood.
22/08/2011N919UWregistration cancelled.
14/01/2012at Greenwood; in the process of being broken up; missing both engines; structurally still complete.
00/00/2012scrapping completed.
Marcel van Noordenne

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