Line number0008
EnginesRolls Royce RB211-535E4
Mode SA56A08
17/08/1982N507EAroll out.
09/12/1982N507EAfirst flight.
28/12/1983N507EAdel Eastern Air Lines; '507'.
18/01/1991N507EAEastern Air Lines stopped all activities at midnight.
17/04/1991N507EAat Atlanta.
28/04/1991N507EAarr Phoenix in full Eastern Air Lines c/s.
29/04/1991N507EAEastern titles painted out.
05/05/1992N507EAbt Tracinda Corporation, Las Vegas, NV.
05/08/1992N701MGlt MGM Grand Air.
17/09/1992N701MGat Phoenix; being painted in MGM Grand Air c/s.
27/09/1992N701MGat Phoenix in full MGM Grand Air c/s.
06/01/1993N701MGret Tracinda Corporation.
11/03/1993N701MGat Las Vegas in full MGM Grand Air c/s; stored.
19/06/1993N701MGat Las Vegas in full MGM Grand Air c/s; stored.
20/07/1994N701MGtraded in to Canadair Challenger Inc; at Las Vegas in MGM Grand Air c/s without titles; stored.
28/07/1994N701MGbt Bombardier Capital Inc., Burlington, VT.
20/10/1994N701MGbt Airfleet Credit Corporation.
21/10/1994N701MGarr London/Luton in basic MGM Grand Air c/s; for maintenance prior to lease.
00/11/1994N701MGregistration cancelled.
22/11/1994G-RJGRlt & rgd to Airtours International.
28/10/1996G-RJGRat Manchester in basic Airtours c/s with "Spanair" titles & Spanair logo on engine cowlings.
31/10/1996G-RJGRsub-lt Spanair.
15/04/1997G-RJGRret Airtours International.
17/05/1997G-RJGRat Palma; still wearing "Spanair" titles.
07/04/2001G-RJGRferried Manchester-Southend as AIH001E; for repaint.
19/04/2001G-RJGRferried Southend-Manchester as AIH001E.
01/05/2001G-RJGRcompany renamed MyTravel Airways.
03/05/2002G-RJGRat Teeside in basic Airtours c/s with "www.mytravel.com" titles.
03/11/2004G-RJGRferried Manchester-Bristol/Filton as MYT005M; for repaint.
10/11/2004G-RJGRferried Bristol/Filton-Manchester as MYT006M in full MyTravel Airways c/s.
00/10/2005G-RJGRret to lessor.
04/11/2005G-RJGRat Manchester in basic MyTravel Airways c/s without titles.
07/11/2005G-RJGRferried Manchester-Bangor as MYT005F.
08/11/2005G-RJGRferried Bangor-Marana as MYT005F; for storage.
14/11/2005G-RJGRrgd to Parkhead Leasing & sales Ltd., Georgetown, Cayman Islands.
14/03/2006G-RJGRregistration cancelled.
20/02/2006at Marana in basic MyTravel Airways c/s without titles; still wearing G-RJGR; stored.
21/02/2006N811ADrgd to Evergreen International Airlines Inc., McMinnville, OR.
05/05/2007N811ADat Marana; missing both engines, no door, missing main landing gear, missing tail rudder; still basic MyTravel Airways c/s.
00/02/2008N811ADat Marana; fuselage only on pallets; still basic MyTravel Airways c/s.
04/05/2009N811ADbt Megalith Group.
05/05/2009N811ADrgd to Megalith Group, Nashville, TN.
18/06/2009N448TKMegalith Group; re-rgd.
00/00/0000N448TKregistration still active as of 01/01/2016; WHY?
22197/0008 GRJGR

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