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Line number0016
Type236 F
EnginesRolls Royce RB211-535C
Mode S400653
02/02/1983G-BIKFroll out.
06/04/1983G-BIKFfirst flight.
28/04/1983G-BIKFdel British Airways; named "Carrickfergus Castle".
29/04/1983G-BIKFferried Boeing Field-London/Heathrow as BA9605P (using callsign Speedfox Kilo Fox) in full British Airways c/s, but without titles.
30/04/1983G-BIKFlt Air Europe in British Airways c/s & "Air Europe titles.
31/10/1983G-BIKFret British Airways; ferried London/Gatwick-London/Heathrow as BA9739P; named "Carrickfergus Castle".
04/11/1985G-BIKFr/o at London/Heathrow in new British Airways c/s.
24/04/1998G-BIKFlast service: Barcelona-London/Heathrow as BA481.
25/04/1998G-BIKFferried London/Heathrow-London/Stansted as BA9254P; for repaint.
04/05/1998G-BIKFferried London/Stansted-London/Heathrow as BA9271P in new British Airways c/s with "Wunala Dreaming" tail c/s.
07/05/1998G-BIKFin service: London/Heathrow-Edinburgh as BA1439.
03/06/2002G-BIKFlast service: Vienna-London/Heathrow as BA705 (TT: 38788 hours; 29529 cycles).
15/06/2002G-BIKFperformed a test flight at London/Heathrow as BA9265E.
08/08/2002G-BIKFbt Barclays Mercantile Business Finance Ltd.; ferried London/Heathrow-Tel Aviv as BOE206; for conversion to freighter.
12/08/2002G-BIKFrgd to Barclays Mercantile Business Finance Ltd., Basingstoke.
07/04/2003G-BIKFferried Tel Aviv-Southend; for repaint.
03/05/2003G-BIKFat Southend in red/yellow DHL c/s.
18/05/2003G-BIKFferried Southend-East Midlands as DHK017.
30/05/2003G-BIKFrgd to DHL Air Ltd., Diegem, Belgium (lf Boeing Capital Corporation).
30/05/2003G-BIKFin service: East Midlands-Edinburgh as BCA2705.
19/09/2004G-BIKFat Brussels with extra "F1 Official Logistics" titles.
25/07/2016G-BIKFferried Leipzig/LEJ-Madrid/MAD as BCS811; for part out and scrapping.
00/00/2017G-BIKFscrapping completed.
06/03/2017G-BIKFregistration cancelled.
Marcel van Noordenne

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  1. Boeing 757 G-BIKF C/N 22177, L/N 0016 was named ‘Carrickfergus Castle’ and not ‘Caernarvon Castle’ – the name of G-BIKD – when delivered on 28 April 1983. ‘Caernarvon Castle’ was the name of G-BIKD when delivered.

    On 24 April 1998 G-BIKF made operated Barcelona – Heathrow (BA481) its last commercial flight before being painted. . On 25 April it was ferried Heathrow Stansted (BA9254P) for painting by Sprayavia. It was ferried Stansted – Heathrow (BA9271P) after roll out in Wunala Dreaming tail colours on 4 May. Its first revenue flight (Heathrow – Edinburgh) G-BIKF, C/N 22177 was delivered on in the new livery on 7 May was BA1439.

    On 30 April there was a somewhat earlier report of this aircraft at Southend after painting in DHL yellow livery.

    On 1 August 2019 this aircraft was reported at Leipzig with the ‘DHL F1 Formula 1 Official Logistics’ titles removed.

    Hope this helps.

    Best regards


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