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N757SSJuliet Romeo Aviation
Line number0014
EnginesRolls Royce RB211-535C
Mode SAA35AB
13/01/1983G-BIKEroll out.
16/03/1983G-BIKEfirst flight.
00/00/1983G-BIKEBritish Airways - not taken up.
30/03/1983G-BKRMdel Air Europe.
06/04/1983G-BKRMferried Gander-London/Gatwick.
24/04/1983G-BKRMin service: London/Gatwick-Faro.
01/11/1984G-BKRMsub-lt British Airways; ferried London/Gatwick-London/Heathrow.
04/02/1985G-BKRMat London/Heathrow in Air Europe c/s with "Air Europe" titles in tail and "British" titles on fuselage.
05/02/1985G-BKRMr/o at London/Heathrow with all titles removed.
20/08/1985G-BKRMat London/Heathrow in new British Airways c/s; named "Braemar Castle".
25/04/1986G-BKRMlast service: Manchester-London/Heathrow.
27/04/1986G-BKRMferried London/Heathrow-London/Gatwick as BA9627P.
30/04/1986G-BKRMret Air Europe.
02/11/1986G-BKRMsub-lt British Airways; ferried London/Gatwick-London/Heathrow as BA9635P.
27/02/1987G-BKRMr/o at London/Heathrow in Air Europe c/s with "British Airways" titles.
24/04/1987G-BKRM"Air Europe" titles added on aircraft.
25/04/1987G-BKRMlast service: Edinburgh-London/Heathrow; ferried London/Heathrow-London/Gatwick as BA9664P.
26/04/1987G-BKRMret Air Europe.
10/12/1987EC-108sub-lt Air Europa.
11/12/1987EC-EGIAir Europa; re-rgd.
21/11/1988EC-EGIret ILG Travel; ferried to London/Stansted.
21/11/1988G-BKRMlt Air Europe.
31/01/1989G-BKRMbt Air Europe.
18/07/1989EC-321lt Air Europa.
22/07/1989G-BKRMregistration cancelled.
30/10/1989EC-321ferried Manchester-London/Gatwick as AEA001.
31/10/1989G-BKRMret Air Europe.
31/10/1989G-BKRMbt Aeronautics Leasing Inc.; lt Air Europe.
01/11/1989G-BKRMferried London/Gatwick-Manchester as AEL074P.
06/11/1989G-BKRMferried Manchester-Maastricht as AOE002E.
11/11/1989G-BKRMferried Maastricht-London/Gatwick as AOE002E in all white c/s.
29/11/1989G-BKRMret Aeronautics Leasing Inc.
15/12/1989G-BKRMlt Air 2000; at London/Gatwick in full Air 2000 c/s.
01/11/1992G-BKRMret Aeronautics Leasing Inc.
02/11/1992G-BKRMat London/Luton in all white c/s.
21/12/1992G-BKRMregistration cancelled.
21/12/1992C-GANXAeronautics Leasing Inc.; re-rgd; lt Nationair.
24/12/1992C-GANXrgd to Nolisair International Inc.
22/03/1993C-GANXNationair filed for bankruptcy.
01/04/1993C-GANXNationair ceased operations.
02/05/1993C-GANXret Aeronautics Leasing Inc.
00/05/1993N501MHAeronautics Leasing Inc.; re-rgd.
03/05/1993N501MHbt C Power Inc.
03/06/1993N501MHferried Dallas/Fort Worth-London/Gatwick in all white c/s.
22/06/1993N501MHat London/Luton in all white c/s.
00/06/1993N501MHregistration cancelled.
14/07/1993EC-451lt Air Europa; ferried London/Luton-Palma as AEA001P.
11/10/1993EC-FTLAir Europa; re-rgd.
03/12/1994EC-FTLat London/Luton; parked.
00/00/1995EC-FTLnamed "Castilla y Leon".
09/10/1997EC-FTLret C Power Inc.
10/10/1997N261PWbt Air Finance Corporation Ltd.
10/10/1997N261PWbt Palm Beach Aerospace Group Inc.
10/10/1997N261PWrgd to First Security Bank.
11/10/1997N261PWat London/Luton in all white c/s.
12/10/1997N261PWat Palm Beach in all white c/s.
15/01/1998N261PWlt Ryan International Airlines.
24/04/1998N261PWbt Magellan Aircraft Services Corporation, Boca Raton, FL.
24/04/1998N261PWlt Paradise World 757 Inc.
24/04/1998N261PWsub-lt Star Air Tours Inc.
18/05/1998N261PWrgd to Magellan Aircraft Corporation, Boca Raton, FL.
01/02/1999N261PWbt Magellan Aircraft Corporation.
21/07/1999N261PWat Miami in all white c/s.
08/11/1999N261PWat Miami in all white c/s; stored.
29/03/2000N261PWbt Aircraft Marketing Ltd.
29/03/2000N261PWbt Luxury Air LLC.
14/04/2000N261PWrgd to Luxury Air LLC, Charlotte, NC.
31/10/2000N757BJLuxury Air LLC; re-rgd.
29/12/2000N757BJbt US Bancorp Leasing & Financial; lt Luxury Air LLC.
12/03/2001N757BJrgd to US Bancorp Leasing & Financing, Troutdale, OR.
14/09/2001N757BJrgd to US Bancorp Equipment Finance, Troutdale, OR (opb Pace Airlines).
28/12/2006N757BJbt Teamjet Holdings Inc.
08/02/2007N757BJrgd to Teamjet Holdings LLC, Phoenix, AZ.
12/03/2007N757BJbt Southwest Sportsjet LLC.
10/04/2007N757BJrgd to Southwest Sportsjet LLC, AK.
15/09/2007N757SSregistration reserved by Southwest Sportsjet.
28/09/2007N757SSSouthwest Sportsjet LLC; re-rgd.
28/10/2007N757SSat Phoenix with "Dallas Stars" titles & tail logo on right side, "Texas Rangers" titles & tail logo on left side; has "operated by Paradigm" titles on nosegear doors.
16/08/2011N757SSrepossessed by ?
24/01/2012N757SSbt & rgd to Juliet Romeo Aviation LLC, Dallas, TX.
17/04/2012N757SSferried Dallas-London/Luton (arrived 18/04/2012).
24/04/2012N757SSat Tel Aviv; no longer wearing 'Dallas Stars' and 'Texas Rangers' titles and logos; operating with 3-letter code FJA.
18/01/2013N757SSat Lanseria with "Cote d'Ivoire" titles.
26/01/2013N757SSat Male with "Cote d'Ivoire" titles.
10/09/2013N757SSarr Phoenix with 'Phoenix Coyotes' logo in tail (at right side confirmed; left side?).
15/09/2013N757SSat Phoenix with 'Phoenix Coyotes' logo in tail.
08/10/2017N757SSat Houston in all white c/s with 'Houston Rockets' logo in tail (repainted 02/03/2017).
29/12/2017N757SSat Houston in all white c/s with striping on fuselage and red and black c/s on top part of tail with 'Houston Rockets' logo in tail.
11/11/2018N757SSat Houston without 'Houston Rockets' logo (removed after 31/03/2018).
03/03/2022N757SSferried Phoenix/PHX-Marana/MZJ; for storage.
15/05/2022N757SSat Marana/MZJ with 'Arizona Coyotes' tail logo; stored.
18/01/2023N757SSat Marana/MZJ; stored.
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