Line Number0011
Type236 F
EnginesRolls Royce RB211-535C
Mode S400584
16/11/1982G-BIKCroll out.
06/01/1983G-BIKCfirst flight.
31/01/1983G-BIKCdel British Airways; named "Edinburgh Castle".
03/02/1983G-BIKCferried Boeing Field-London/Heathrow as BA9603P in 9 hours and 1 minute.
27/10/1985G-BIKCr/o at London/Heathrow in new British Airways c/s.
00/10/1996G-BIKCrepainted with additional 'Pause to Remember' titles with tail in all blue c/s with large red poppy, to commemorate Remembrance Day (75th anniversary of the British Legion).
20/10/1998G-BIKCin service after repaint: London/Heathrow-Edinburgh.
06/01/1997G-BIKClast service with 'Pause to Remember' titles & poppy tail; titles and logo removed.
08/01/1997G-BIKCr/o at London/Heathrow in new British Airways c/s with 'Ndebele Emmly' tail c/s; is now unnamed.
17/04/2001G-BIKClast service: Glasgow-London/Heathrow as BA1499 (TT: 31601 hours; 33448 cycles).
08/05/2001G-BIKCperformed air test at London/Heathrow as BA9277E.
01/06/2001G-BIKCrgd to Barclays Mercantile Business Finance Ltd., Basingstoke.
02/06/2001G-BIKCferried London/Heathrow-Tel Aviv; for conversion to freighter.
24/01/2002G-BIKCferried Tel Aviv-Southend as BOE203; for repaint.
07/02/2002G-BIKCr/o at Southend in full red/white DHL c/s.
27/03/2002G-BIKCrgd & lt DHL Air Ltd., Diegem, Belgium (lf from Boeing Capital Corporation).
25/03/2010G-BIKCat Oporto in yellow/red DHL c/s (repainted after 02/10/2009).
29/01/2016G-BIKCarr Madrid; for part out and scrapping.
00/00/2016G-BIKCscrapping completed?
13/10/2016G-BIKCregistration cancelled.



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