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Line number0009
Type236 F
EnginesRolls Royce RB211-535C
Mode S400651
00/00/1982N757Btest registration.
07/09/1982G-BIKAroll out.
25/10/1982G-BIKAfirst flight.
28/03/1983G-BIKAdel British Airways; named "Dover Castle".
13/04/1983N757Bregistration cancelled.
29/03/1983G-BIKAferried Boeing Field-London/Heathrow.
13/01/1985G-BIKAr/o at London/Heathrow in new British Airways c/s.
16/05/1998G-BIKAlast service: Dusseldorf-London/Heathrow as BA937.
00/05/1998G-BIKAferried London/Heathrow-London/Stansted; for repaint.
23/05/1998G-BIKAr/o at London/Stansted in new British Airways c/s with "Blue Poole" tail c/s.
24/05/1998G-BIKAin service: London/Heathrow-Paris/Charles de Gaulle.
19/05/2000G-BIKAlast service: Manchester-London/Heathrow as BA1407 (TT: 34324 hours; 27138 cycles).
00/05/2000G-BIKAtitles & tail logo removed at London/Heathrow.
24/05/2000G-BIKAat London/Heathrow in all white c/s.
07/07/2000G-BIKAbt & rgd to DHL Holdings (UK) Ltd.
08/07/2000G-BIKAferried London/Heathrow-Wichita; for conversion to freighter (SF) by Boeing.
15/02/2001G-BIKAtest flight at Wichita after conversion to freighter.
27/03/2001G-BIKAferried Wichita-Goose Bay-East Midland in red/white DHL c/s.
28/03/2001G-BIKAferried East Midlands-Brussels.
28/03/2001G-BIKAregistration cancelled.
29/03/2001OO-DLNrgd to EAT N.V. (on lease from DHL Holdings (UK) Ltd., Hounslow).
03/04/2001OO-DLNin service: Brussels-Bergamo-Pisa.
12/05/2009OO-DLNat Helsinki in yellow/red DHL c/s.
26/03/2010D-ALEArgd to EAT Leipzig GmbH.
17/03/2016D-ALEAregistration cancelled.
17/03/2016G-BIKArgd to DHL Air Ltd., Diegem, Belgium.
24/12/2016G-BIKAferried Lisbon/LIS-Madrid/MAD as BCS321; for part out and scrapping.
02/08/2017G-BIKAregistration cancelled.
00/11/2017scrapping completed.

Marcel van Noordenne

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  1. On your new website for British Airways 752 G-BIKA (c/n 22172, l/n 0009) it says that this aircraft was renamed ‘County of Herefordshire’ when repainted in the new BA (Landor) livery. This is incorrect.

    It retained the name ‘Dover Castle’ when it was rolled out on 13 January 1985 after being repainted as can be seen on the web site (photo ID 1881021). It then carried it until after its last flight in Landor livery (BA937 Dusseldorf – Heathrow) on 16 May 1998.

    Keep up the good work.

    Best regards


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