Federal Express

Federal Express
AddressHead Office Building, Dublin Airport
Phone+353 188 627 01
Fax+353 188 638 85
Color scheme change-
RemarksN253CL gutted for parts; N582UA and N68084 to be gutted for parts
757-200 fleetN770FD (24743)N771FD (24799)N772FD (24840)N773FD (24872)
N774FD (26709)N775FD (25043)N776FD (25129)N777FD (25222)
N778FD (25223)N779FD (25252)N780FD (25253)N781FD (26673)
N782FD (26673)N783FD (26678)N784FD (26681)N785FD (26682)
N786FD (24995)N787FD (26685)N788FD (26686)N789FD (26689)
N790FD (26693)N791FD (26694)N792FD (26697)N793FD (26698)
N794FD (26701)N795FD (26706)N796FD (26710)N797FD (28143)
N798FD (28144)N799FD (28145)
N901FD (27122)N903FD (27124)N910FD (25054)N912FD (24260)
N913FD (24017)
N914FD (c/n 24367)N915FD (c/n 24120)N916FD (c/n 24137)N917FD (c/n 24291)
N918FD (c/n 24290)N919FD (c/n 24636)N920FD (c/n 24289)N921FD (c/n 24924)
N922FD (c/n 24293)N923FD (c/n 26266)N924FD (c/n 26267)N925FD (c/n 27238)
N926FD (c/n 23323)N927FD (c/n 27220)N928FD (c/n 24369)N930FD (c/n 25240)
N933FD (c/n 24330)N934FD (c/n 24331)N935FD (c/n 22780)N936FD (c/n 23293)
N937FD (c/n 23895)N938FD (c/n 24292)N939FD (c/n 24528)N940FD (c/n 24772)
N941FD (c/n 22691)N942FD (c/n 22612)N943FD (c/n 23929)N944FD (c/n 24497)
N946FD (c/n 24398)N947FD (c/n 24882)N948FD (c/n 25059)N949FD (c/n 25060)
N950FD (c/n 25806)N951FD (c/n 28665)N952FD (c/n 28666)N953FD (c/n 28667)
N954FD (c/n 29113)N955FD (c/n 29114)N956FD (c/n 29115)N957FD (c/n 24774)
N958FD (c/n 24371)N959FD (c/n 25133)N960FD (c/n 25593)N961FD (c/n 25268)
N962FD (c/n 24176)N963FD (c/n 24368)N964FD (c/n 24884)N965FD (c/n 27622)
N966FD (c/n 25626)N967FD (c/n 26269)N968FD (c/n 26274)N969FD (c/n 28164)
N970FD (c/n 28166)N971FD (c/n 26277)N972FD (c/n 28203)N973FD (c/n 26151)
N974FD (c/n 26158)N975FD (c/n 27146)N976FD (c/n 27147)N977FD (c/n 24118)
N978FD (c/n 24119)N979FD (c/n 25592)N985FD (c/n 24737)N986FD (c/n 28482)
N987FD (c/n 28483)N988FD (c/n 26705)N989FD (c/n 28480)N990FD (c/n 22909)
N991FD (c/n 22911)N992FD (c/n 22912)N993FD (c/n 24965)N994FD (c/n 25490)
N995FD (c/n 25131)N996FD (c/n 26270)N997FD (c/n 24738)N998FD (c/n 24747)
N999FD (c/n 24748)
historic fleetN902FD (27123)N904FD (27144)N905FD (27145)N906FD (27148)
N907FD (27198)N908FD (27199)N909FD (27200)
used for partsN253CL (25053)N582UA (26702)N68084 (25036)N68087 (24891)

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