Federal Express

Federal Express
AddressHead Office Building, Dublin Airport
Phone+353 188 627 01
Fax+353 188 638 85
Color scheme change-
RemarksN253CL gutted for parts; N582UA and N68084 to be gutted for parts
757-200 fleetN770FD (c/n 24743)N771FD (c/n 24799)N772FD (c/n 24840)N773FD (c/n 24872)
N774FD (c/n 26709)N775FD (c/n 25043)N776FD (c/n 25129)N777FD (c/n 25222)
N778FD (c/n 25223)N779FD (c/n 25252)N780FD (c/n 25253)N781FD (c/n 26673)
N782FD (c/n 26673)N783FD (c/n 26678)N784FD (c/n 26681)N785FD (c/n 26682)
N786FD (c/n 24995)N787FD (c/n 26685)N788FD (c/n 26686)N789FD (c/n 26689)
N790FD (c/n 26693)N791FD (c/n 26694)N792FD (c/n 26697)N793FD (c/n 26698)
N794FD (c/n 26701)N795FD (c/n 26706)N796FD (c/n 26710)N797FD (c/n 28143)
N798FD (c/n 28144)N799FD (c/n 28145)
N901FD (c/n 27122)N902FD (c/n 27123)N903FD (c/n 27124)N904FD (c/n 27144)
N905FD (c/n 27145)N906FD (c/n 27148)N907FD (c/n 27198)N908FD (c/n 27199)
N909FD (c/n 27200)N910FD (c/n 25054)N912FD (c/n 24260)N913FD (c/n 24017)
N914FD (c/n 24367)N915FD (c/n 24120)N916FD (c/n 24137)N917FD (c/n 24291)
N918FD (c/n 24290)N919FD (c/n 24636)N920FD (c/n 24289)N921FD (c/n 24924)
N922FD (c/n 24293)N923FD (c/n 26266)N924FD (c/n 26267)N925FD (c/n 27238)
N926FD (c/n 23323)N927FD (c/n 27220)N928FD (c/n 24369)N930FD (c/n 25240)
N933FD (c/n 24330)N934FD (c/n 24331)N935FD (c/n 22780)N936FD (c/n 23293)
N937FD (c/n 23895)N938FD (c/n 24292)N939FD (c/n 24528)N940FD (c/n 24772)
N941FD (c/n 22691)N942FD (c/n 22612)N943FD (c/n 23929)N944FD (c/n 24497)
N946FD (c/n 24398)N947FD (c/n 24882)N948FD (c/n 25059)N949FD (c/n 25060)
N950FD (c/n 25806)N951FD (c/n 28665)N952FD (c/n 28666)N953FD (c/n 28667)
N954FD (c/n 29113)N955FD (c/n 29114)N956FD (c/n 29115)N957FD (c/n 24774)
N958FD (c/n 24371)N959FD (c/n 25133)N960FD (c/n 25593)N961FD (c/n 25268)
N962FD (c/n 24176)N963FD (c/n 24368)N964FD (c/n 24884)N965FD (c/n 27622)
N966FD (c/n 25626)N967FD (c/n 26269)N968FD (c/n 26274)N969FD (c/n 28164)
N970FD (c/n 28166)N971FD (c/n 26277)N972FD (c/n 28203)N973FD (c/n 26151)
N974FD (c/n 26158)N975FD (c/n 27146)N976FD (c/n 27147)N977FD (c/n 24118)
N978FD (c/n 24119)N979FD (c/n 25592)N985FD (c/n 24737)N986FD (c/n 28482)
N987FD (c/n 28483)N988FD (c/n 26705)N989FD (c/n 28480)N990FD (c/n 22909)
N991FD (c/n 22911)N992FD (c/n 22912)N993FD (c/n 24965)N994FD (c/n 25490)
N995FD (c/n 25131)N996FD (c/n 26270)N997FD (c/n 24738)N998FD (c/n 24747)
N999FD (c/n 24748)
used for partsN253CL (c/n 25053)N582UA (c/n 26702)N68084 (c/n 25036)N68087 (c/n 24891)

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