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My name is Marcel van Noordenne and I am the moderator of ‘MvN’s Boeing 757 Website’.┬áThis website was created by me more than 10 years ago, and I am still far from finished.

Although I try to be thorough, it is impossible to know and find everything about this great aircraft. Luckily I get help from visitors to this website, spotters, pilots, ground crew, airlines and airports who are willing to provide me with news and updates. That is why I can provide you with such an extensive production list, and thanks to several photographers who are willing to take pictures in any weather, I am able to extend the photo database regularly.

Thank you all for your help and suggestions, it makes this website better!


  1. thanks for site of b757, a truly remarkable aircraft,i say remarkable reason there is still no aircraft in its class,rightly said that the only competitor for b757 is b757 itself.the replacements are either wide body (higher class aircraft) or narrow body( these do not have the payload/range capacity of B757). regards pankaj Pradhan

  2. Hi there Marcel

    Thanks and congrats for this site about the unique 757 !
    I have some photos, if you might need or want !

  3. Hi Marcel,
    What a sweet dog!
    I sent an email to you re: American Airlines
    A/C #617. I was wondering if that airplane has
    definitely been scrapped or is it still intact.
    I am a flight attendant and that a/c had a Plaque with my name on it in the forward entry door area.
    Just curious.
    Thank you and Happy New Year!

    1. Hi Amy,
      last sighting of this aircraft was March 22, 2015; I don’t have any contacts at Roswell and am dependable on whatever I can find on internet. Happy New Year!

    2. Amy Neal – There is chance I can get that plaque for you, if you want. A friend of mine owns the facility where the AA birds are parked.


  4. Can you tell me whether the 757 flying Toronto to Dublin has full flat-bed seats in Business class or only reclining angle seats?

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