N57852United Airlines
Line number0995
Type324 W
EnginesRolls Royce RB211-535E4-C
Mode SA76F43
20/11/2001N57852roll out.
11/12/2001N57852first flight.
26/12/2001N57852del Continental Airlines; '852'.
27/12/2001N57852rgd to Continental Airlines Inc.
02/05/2010N57852Continental Airlines agreed with United Airlines to merge into United Airlines.
26/05/2010N57852at Anchorage with blended winglets (installed after 11/02/2010).
01/10/2010N57852Continental Airlines merged with United Airlines into United Airlines; '3852'.
04/03/2011N57852at San Juan in 2010 United Airlines c/s with "United" titles (repainted after 27/12/2010).

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