N903TBL-3 Communications
Line number0772
Type2Q8 W
EnginesPratt & Whitney PW2040
13/08/1997N1789Broll out.
14/09/1997N1789Bfirst flight.
07/10/1997OH-LBOdel International Lease Finance Corporation.
07/10/1997OH-LBOlt Finnair.
24/03/2004OH-LBOrgd to Castle 2003-2G LLC, Wilmington, DE.
24/11/2006OH-LBOat Tenerife in 2002 Finnair c/s with blended winglets but without tail logo (repainted and installed after 05/10/2006).
01/09/2013OH-LBOferried Helsinki-Shannon as FIN8965; for repaint.
25/09/2013OH-LBOat Shannon in all white c/s.
30/09/2013OH-LBOferried Shannon-Helsinki as FIN8942.
25/10/2013OH-LBOperformed local test flight at Helsinki as FIN8951.
04/11/2013OH-LBOferried Helsinki-Bangor-Greenville (TX) as FIN8963 (arrived 05/11/2013).
05/11/2013N903TBbt L-3 Communications Advanced Aviation LLC.
18/11/2013N903TBrgd to L-3 Communications Advanced Aviation LLC, Helena, MT.
14/09/2015N903TBat Greenville/GVT in all white c/s with a red horizontal strip on the fuselage, Texas flag c/s in tail and "Trailblazer" titles on forward fuselage; ferried Greenville/GVT-Shannon (arrived 15/09/2015).

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