Line number0717
Type2K2 W
EnginesRolls Royce RB211-535E4
Mode S406BE7
29/05/1996PH-TKDroll out.
12/06/1996PH-TKDfirst flight.
24/06/1996PH-TKDdel International Lease Finance Corporation.
24/06/1996PH-TKDlt Transavia Airlines.
28/06/1996PH-TKDfirst service: Amsterdam-Iraklion.
31/10/1996PH-TKDsub-lt Air Transat; ferried Amsterdam-Toronto in basic Transavia Airlines c/s with "Air Transat" titles.
14/04/1997PHTKDret Transavia Airlines.
30/11/1998PH-TKDsub-lt Taesa.
03/12/1998PH-TKDat Amsterdam in basic Transavia Airlines c/s without titles and tail logo.
14/03/1999PH-TKDret Transavia Airlines.
25/03/1999PH-TKDrgd to Transavia Airlines.
28/03/1999PH-TKDin service: Amsterdam-Arrecife as TRA869.
17/12/2002PH-TKDat Amsterdam in all white c/s (repainted after 30/08/2002).
30/12/2002PH-TKDlast service: Faro-Amsterdam as TRA6358.
01/01/2003PH-TKDferried Amsterdam-Shannon as TRA061.
19/01/2003PH-TKDret International Lease Finance Corporation.
04/02/2003PH-TKDat Amsterdam inside hangar 14 in full Air Finland c/s without registration.
14/02/2003PH-TKDregistration cancelled.
14/02/2003OH-AFIlt Air Finland.
00/05/2005OH-AFIsub-lt Livingston Energy Flight.
13/05/2005OH-AFIat Madrid with extra "Livingston" titles on left side only.
26/09/2005OH-AFIat Lourdes in full Air Finland c/s with additional 'Livingston' sticker.
20/07/2006OH-AFIat Manchester in full Air Finland c/s with small orange "Livingston" titles below "Air Finland" titles.
00/00/0000OH-AFIret Air Finland.
25/04/2007OH-AFIsub-lt Transavia Airlines in full Air Finland c/s.
27/05/2007OH-AFIret Air Finland.
30/06/2007OH-AFIsub-lt Transavia Airlines in full Air Finland c/s.
30/09/2007OH-AFIret Air Finland.
00/00/2008OH-AFIarr Kelowna; for installation of blended winglets.
05/05/2008OH-AFIferried Kelowna-Norwich with blended winglets; for repaint.
16/05/2008OH-AFIferried Norwich-Helsinki.
00/00/2008OH-AFIsub-lt Zoom.
00/08/2008OH-AFIret Air Finland.
18/06/2009OH-AFIsub-lt Monarch Airlines; in service: Manchester-Almeria as MON524.
00/00/2009OH-AFIret Air Finland.
27/07/2010OH-AFIsub-lt Easyjet; ferried Helsinki-Norwich as EZY8001; for repaint.
30/07/2010OH-AFIferried Norwich-London/Gatwick as EZY8002 in full Easyjet c/s.
31/07/2010OH-AFIin service: London/Gatwick-Lanzarote asEZY8683.
27/09/2010OH-AFIlast service: Chania-London/Gatwick as EZY878C; ferried London/Gatwick-Norwich as EZY8001; for repaint.
02/10/2010OH-AFIferried Norwich-Helsinki as EZY8001 in 2010 Air Finland c/s; ret Air Finland.
25/06/2012OH-AFIlast service: Hurghada-Helsinki as FIF812; ferried Helsinki-Stockholm/Arlanda as FIF123P.
26/06/2012OH-AFIAir Finland ceased operations.
27/06/2012OH-AFIferried Stockholm/Arlanda-Perpignan.
27/06/2012EI-EXXrgd to ILFC Ireland Ltd.
08/10/2012EI-EXXferried Perpignan-Abu Dhabi in all white c/s (for maintenance?).
10/10/2012EI-EXXregistration cancelled.
01/11/2012YA-AQTlt Safi Aiways; ferried Abu Dhabi-Kabil.
07/11/2012YA-AQTin service: Kabul-Jeddah.
04/05/2013YA-AQTat ?; named "City of Mazar-E-Sharif".
00/01/2014YA-AQTret ILFC Ireland Ltd.
15/01/2014YA-AQTferried Dubai-Perpignan as SFW6322; for maintenance.
02/03/2014YA-AQTat Perpignan; did it ever leave and return before 26/07/2014?
18/07/2014YA-AQTperformed local test flight at Perpignan.
21/07/2014YA-AQTat Perpignan in basic Safi Airways c/s with all titles painted out; wearing registration G-TCSX (for TAG Aviation; to operate for TCS Expeditions).
26/07/2014YA-AQTferried Perpignan-Manchester in basic Safi Airways c/s with all titles painted out.
11/08/2014G-TCSXrgd to Tag Aviation (UK) Ltd.
27/08/2014G-TCSXferried Manchester-Birmingham in all black c/s without titles and tail logo; for maintenance and VIP outfitting.
19/03/2015G-TCSXperformed test flight Birmingham-Zurich-Birmingham as VIP902 in all black c/s with "Four Seasons" titles and tail logo.
22/03/2015G-TCSXin service: Birmingham-Dubai as VIP013.
30/05/2015G-TCSXat Tel Aviv with "TCS World Travel" titles and tail logo (applied after 02/05/2015).
16/07/2015G-TCSXat Tel Aviv without titles and tail logo (removed after 17/06/2015).
18/08/2015G-TCSXat Tokyo with "Four Seasons" titles and tail logo (applied after 30/07/2015).
25/09/2015G-TCSXat Moscow/Domodedovo with "TCS World Tour" titles and tail logo (applied after 25/08/2015).
22/02/2016G-TCSXat Sao Paulo with "Latitudes" titles and brasil flag on front of fuselage, "TCS World Travel" titles on aft fuselage and 'Latitudes' tail logo.
12/04/2016G-TCSXat Calgary with "Four Seasons" titles and tail logo.
15/05/2016G-TCSXat London/Stansted with "TCS World Travel" titles and tail logo.
13/07/2016G-TCSXat Farnborough with "Tag Aviation" titles on tail.
09/09/2016G-TCSXat Birmingham with "TCS World Travel" titles and tail logo.
18/09/2016G-TCSXat Liberia (Costa Rica) with "Four Seasons" titles and tail logo.
04/01/2016G-TCSXat London/Stansted without titles and tail logo.

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