N666AAmerican Airlines
Line number0451
Type223 W
EnginesRolls Royce RB211-535E4-B
Mode SA8CA83
01/04/1992N666Aroll out.
24/04/1992N666Afirst flight.
07/05/1992N666Adel American Airlines; '5CP'.
08/05/1992N666Argd to American Airlines Inc.
09/05/1992N666Afirst service: Dallas/Fort Worth-Orlando.
11/07/2008N666Aat Dallas/Fort Worth with blended winglets (installed after 17/01/2008).
11/12/2009N666Argd to Wells Fargo Bank Northwest; opb American Airlines on lease.
08/09/2015N666Alast service: Seattle-Dallas/Fort Worth as AAL2262 (arrived 09/09/2015).
09/09/2015N666Aferried Dallas/Fort Worth-Roswell as AAL9644 (TT: 71546; 25152 cycles); for storage.

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