Line number0348
Type260 F
EnginesPratt & Whitney PW2040
Mode S040002
18/01/1991ET-AJXroll out.
12/02/1991ET-AJXfirst flight.
25/02/1991ET-AJXdel Ethiopian Airlines.
06/08/2004ET-AJXat London/Heathrow in 2003 Ethiopian Airlines c/s (repainted after 09/06/2004).
00/05/2006ET-AJXat Everett; for conversion to freighter.
30/09/2006ET-AJXconversion to freighter completed.
03/10/2006ET-AJXferried Everett-Brussels-Addis Ababa as ETH9201/3715 (arrived 04/10/2006); cargo door area still unpainted.
01/12/2006ET-AJXat Brussels in full Ethiopian Airlines c/s with "Ethiopian Cargo" titles.
07/02/2007ET-AJXat Dubai with '60th' sticker between cockpit window and front door (applied after 10/12/2006).
00/10/2017ET-AJXstored at Addis Ababa/ADD.
00/00/2018ET-AJXfor sale or lease.
28/01/2019ET-AJXferried Addis Ababa/ADD-Porto/OPO-Miami/MIA as ETH9201 (arrived 29/01/2019); for return and storage (TT: 81187 hours; 30110 landings).

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