Line number0125
EnginesRolls Royce RB211-535E4
Mode S400471
03/02/1987G-DAJBroll out.
27/02/1987G-DAJBfirst flight.
17/03/1987G-DAJBdel Monarch Airlines.
18/03/1987G-DAJBarr London/Luton.
26/10/1992G-DAJBlt Icelandair in Monarch Airlines c/s with Icelandair tail logo.
22/11/1992G-DAJBret Monarch Airlines.
14/04/1999G-DAJBarr Southend; for repaint.
22/04/1999G-DAJBr/o at Southend in fresh Monarch Airlines c/s.
08/03/2000G-DAJBlt Spanair; ferried London/Luton-Stockholm/Arlanda.
27/04/2000G-DAJBret Monarch Airlines; ferried Palma-London/Luton; in service: London/Luton-Lanzarote.
00/11/2004G-DAJBat Faro in 2002 Monarch Airlines c/s (repainted after 09/10/2004).
24/10/2010G-DAJBat London/Luton with "The Captain's Choice Tour" titles (applied after 19/10/2010).
15/01/2011G-DAJBat Innsbruck with "Monarch" titles again.
01/05/2012G-DAJBat Palma with "Monarch.co.uk" titles (applied after 20/01/2012).
02/11/2014G-DAJBlast service: Palma-London/Gatwick as MON229; ferried London/Gatwick-Birmingham as MON229P; for maintenance prior to lease return.
27/11/2014G-DAJBferried Birmingham-Kemble as MON757D; for part out and scrapping.
22/01/2015G-DAJBbt & rgd to Icelandair Ehf; to be used for parts.
12/12/2015G-DAJBat Kemble; missing both engines, nose cone and tail.
16/04/2016G-DAJBat Kemble; missing both engines, nose cone and tail.
16/06/2017G-DAJBat Kemble; only fuselage left; fuselage laying on ground.

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