Line number0129
Type232 W
EnginesPratt & Whitney PW2037
Mode SA83094
13/03/1987N627DLroll out.
09/04/1987N627DLfirst flight.
24/04/1987N627DLdel Delta Air Lines; '627'.
29/04/1987N627DLbt First National Bank of Boston; opb Delta Air Lines on lease.
15/09/1993N627DLduring climb through 10000 ft after take-off from Atlanta on a flight to Colombia (SC), the seatbelt sign was turned off, during climb through 13000 ft, the aircraft encountered moderate turbulence which resulted in a serious injury to a flight attendant. Before encountering turbulence the crew observed convective buildups on radar 5 miles northeast of their position. No avoidance action was undertaken until after the turbulence was encountered.
00/12/1997N627DLbt Boston Bank NA; opb Delta Air Lines on lease.
24/06/1998N627DLbt Electra Leasing LLC.; opb Delta Air Lines on lease.
24/06/1998N627DLbt Bay 2 Bay Leasing LLC, San Francisco, CA; opb Delta Air Lines on lease.
26/01/2000N627DLat Phoenix in 1998 Delta Air Lines c/s with "Delta Air Lines" titles.
07/03/2006N627DLbt Wells Fargo Bank Northwest; opb Delta Air Lines on lease.
08/03/2006N627DLrgd to Wells Fargo Bank Northwest.
06/06/2007N627DLat San Jose in 2007 Delta Air Lines c/s with "Delta" titles (repainted after 00/05/2007).
17/06/2007N627DLat Atlanta with big 'Hank Aaron special commemorate' picture on left forward fuselage, just behind cockpit; named "Hank Aaron 755".
12/10/2007N627DLbt Wilmington Trust Company; opb Delta Air Lines on lease.
15/10/2007N627DLrgd to Wilmington Trust Company.
11/11/2007N627DLat Atlanta without 'Hank Aaron' picture (removed after 31/10/2007).
27/07/2011N627DLat Atlanta with blended winglets (installed after 11/04/2011).
22/06/2017N627DLlast service: Las Vegas-Atlanta as DAL2798.
23/06/2017N627DLferried Atlanta-San Bernardino as DAL9931 (TT: 96090 hours; 45314 cycles); for part out and scrapping.
05/09/2017N627DLrgd to Delta Air Lines Inc.
14/01/2019N627DLregistration cancelled.
26/03/2019N627DLat San Bernardino/SBD: most usable parts removed; still standing on landing gear.

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